Materials + Construction

'W' Concave

A 'W' shape on the top of the deck creating natural foot holds and helps to create a natural foot pocket on the front and back of the board.

3/4" Drop-Down and Drop-Thru

The combination of a drop-down and drop-thru deck lowers the board to the ground for optimum stability.

3-D Molded Base

Sublimated base sheet and fiberglass are pressed seamlessly against our contours and channels of the CNC machined wood core.

Biaxial Fiberglass

Biaxial Fiberglass is a 0/90 degree layered fiberglass for strength and torsional rigidity. Biaxial has a layer of vertical fibers with a layer of horizontal fibers stacked on top, making the fiberglass strong and snappy.


A lifted point in the board that gives the ability to be able to load up and snap or pop. 

CNC Machined Fiberglass Reinforced Wheel Wells

Wheel wells are molded, flared and machined out to reduce wheel bite and create foot pockets while being reinforced with fiberglass for durability.

Composite Construction

The multi laminated maple veneers are reinforced with a biaxial fiberglass.

Dual Core Technology

Two vertically laminated Poplar wood cores are sandwiched together for the perfect ratio of lightweight and durability. 

Grab Rails

Strategically placed rails on the outermost edge of the board, giving you a place to grab on slides, tricks and do whatever you would like!

Micro Drop

A literal ��_��_��_micro drop��_� just before the wheel base. Machined and molded wood core to lower your ride height and create a locked in foot pocket for ultimate control.

Multi Core Technology

Combination of horizontal maple veneers with vertically laminated wood core. This allows for a lightweight, strong board while allowing for contours and a mirco-drop.

Multi Horizontal Maple Veneer Core Technology

Classic skateboard construction for a sturdy and solid ride. This core has multiple layers of horizontal maple veneers, making the board a little thicker but also making it more stable.

Patented Contour Technology

Laser guided CNC channeled wood cores providing structural strength and integrity while reducing weight and enhancing performance.


Subtle belly rocker is placed in the board. This is dropped down rocker is pressed in the board to lower your center of gravity and add stability.

Split Core Technology

Similar to Multi Core Technology, Split Core Technology has vertically laminated Poplar that is sandwiched with vertical maple veneers creating our most flexible yet lightest weight wood core.

Vertical Laminate Core Technology

A single vertically laminated Poplar wood core. This makes the longboard snappy yet super light. Because of the single core, it makes the board a little more flexible as well.