NS Chairman reviews are in!


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The Chairman is out and reviews are coming in…

From Matt Griffin, Woodland Hills, CA:

“So I got a few days on The Chairman. A couple killer spring mashed potato days, and 1 really decent 12″ pow day. I’m really stoked on the board. Such a confidence inspiring board to just haul ass on. As stoked as I was to try it, I was also a little skeptical. The mellow sidecut thing is usually not my bag, but somehow you guys found the secret sauce. I’m guessing a combo of the smidge of taper, and whatever your combo of radii is, but I didn’t feel at all like the board only wanted to make big fast turns. I was totally comfortable just cruising, or making quick tight turns on steeps too. For me it’s a much much more versatile board than the Raptor or Premier were. Kudos, once again.”

From Jake Walnuts, Mountain Weekly News Reviews:

“You have never ridden a board quite like the Never Summer Chairman before (unless, of course, you have ridden the Never Summer Chairman before). The tapered directional freeride powerhouse is in a league all of its own…”

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