Alec Olguin

MEET ALEC... Hi I am Alec Olguin and I have been skateboarding since I was 5. I am a Colorado Native and find our state offers a lot of challenges in Longboarding and great skate parks. I was first introduced to the sport with a skateboard as my birthday gift and immediately picked it up and have enjoyed several hours at the downtown skate park. About 5 years ago my father moved to LOHI and that was my introduction to longboarding, we live real close to Boardlife and I made a daily trip to the store to learn everything I could about long boards, trucks, bearings, wheels, riders, gloves, helmets, manufactures, and competition events. I have since become an avid longboarder and enjoy the tight knit community it has created throughout our State. I look forward to taking on every hill and expanding my freeride form and satisfying my need for speed in downhill with the best boards, NEVERSUMMER!

ALEC'S FAVORITE NS BOARD IS... Downhill/Freeride: NEVER SUMMER Superfreak paired with Bear Kodiak trucks, NeverSummer wheels, Bear Space Ball bearings. This board is built for all sizes, great for downhill and freeride. Skatepark/Street: Never Summer Revival paired with Bear Polar Trucks, holesom holyroller bearings abec 9, bones stf wheels. All subject to change as I always continue to challenge myself and my board to become a better rider.