Tye Donnelly

Tye Donnelly Hometown - Oceanside, CA

MEET TYE... Surfing, Skating, Snowboarding, Downhilling, Musician, Artist, furniture maker, So Cal Pioneer. 20yrs+.Sk8ncre8/Youtube - about 300 videos. Films I've been in-Drop, Short bus, Dang Bud. I am a very hardworking family guy, with 2 girls, and my wife. I am a general contractor, and always strive to be the best. My fine furniture work is in several of the finest homes in So Cal, many of which, I built. Inner Vision Designs.

TYE'S FAVORITE NS BOARD IS... When I head out on the highway, I always have my Reaper. It gives me confidence when I should be crapping my pants. I go so fast, and it feels so good. That is just what we want, our gear to work perfectly, Right? I ride NEVER SUMMER, not because they pay me, or because they are the coolest people, I can ride any gear, and I have. It's because their boards are superior in weight, design, materials, and construction. I push these boards to their limits in all terrain, and they work perfect every time. My racing, and especially cornering, has improved since I started riding their lighter and stiffer boards. The shapes, and graphics... 2nd to none, my friends. I couldn't be more proud to represent them.Words- Years of preparation meet the moment of opportunity, LETS DO THIS!