Zach Bailey

Zach Bailey Hometown - Bozeman, MT

MEET ZACH... Born and raised, Vail Colorado, Zach currently nests high in the Rocky Mountains where he finds thrill and reward in the adventure. From a small tike he was on the hills, skiing bumps, chasing sticks, to his current hype; completely off resort split-boarding animal, Zach fits perfectly to the Never Summer Persona. He found his passion longboarding in 2012 where he raced the last year of Buffalo Bill Downhill. Now he tallies over hundreds of miles in downhill descents of Colorado's finest roads, and competes continentally.

ZACH'S FAVORITE NS BOARD IS... The Reaper or Superfreak Snowboard; Prospector split , or the ripsaw if i have to be on resort. Media: Instagram: Dinsmore_Bailey