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The Best Freeride Snowboards of 2022

Freeride snowboards are designed to do exactly what the name suggests, give the rider free-reign over the entire mountain. The 2021-2022 riding season is underway, and if you find yourself in all kinds of terrain; whether that be in powder, trees, or carving deep lines on groomers, your best bet for a smooth ride is one of the many freeride snowboards in our Never Summer freeride snowboard line.

Below is a breakdown of our entire lineup of Never Summer freeride snowboards so you can understand what makes each board different, and choose the best board for you.

Best Men’s Freeride Snowboards

Men’s Triple Camber Proto FR

This is our most innovative and unique snowboard in our men’s line. We’ve taken our signature RCR (Rocker Camber Rocker) snowboard profile and gave it a major upgrade. Everything about this board is designed with the freerider in mind. The Triple Camber profile improves every bit of your ride – from stability and edge hold, to power and pop.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Triple Camber Proto FR

  1. It’s the most technologically advanced freeride snowboard we’ve ever made.
  2. This board features 3 camber zones over the nose, middle, and tail end of the board for ultimate power and control on edge. These provide straight lining stability and when all three camber pressure areas are engaged, ultimate grip over ice and hardpack conditions. While maintaining the effectiveness of Rocker Camber for ease of turn initiation at variable speeds.
  3. The five millimeters of taper and Front End Rise/Float Mechanics on this board gives next-level floatation for ripping some backcountry lines or those deep resort days.

Men’s Harpoon

This powder-slashing board will give you a smooth, flexible float that rips through steep runs with seamless effort. This Harpoon board was made for all mountain terrain and follows through with agile stability through the trees and carves. It’s mid-flex, fusion rocker camber profile and extended transition area make for one of the most balanced, versatile freeride boards on the market.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Harpoon

  1. A lively mid-flex that allows for great maneuverability in tight trees and moguls.
  2. The added 13 millimeters of taper makes finishing turns and gliding through deep, slushy conditions effortless.
  3. With an innovative Fusion Rocker Camber profile, we’ve added deep cambered regions under the back foot for maximum spring. Making this versatile board hold up in all mountain riding conditions and a great freeride snowboard.

Men’s Swift

Another versatile board that is great in powder but also carves great groomer lines, our Men’s Swift board has a shorter, swallow tail and early rise nose that surfs through deep powder perfectly. It’s Fusion Rocker Camber profile, firm flex and sidecut radius make it perfect for stable, deep, long-radius turns. The aluminum tip and tail protectors and full wrap p-tex protection ensure this board’s durability so you know you’ve invested in a board that will last.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Swift

  1. 20 millimeters of taper, swallow tail, setback, and early rise nose combine to create the best boarding experience in deep snow.
  2. Shorter tail makes this board super maneuverable and manageable in tight trees.
  3. Fusion profile with heavy camber in the back and more rocker in the front makes the Swift forgiving, yet powerful, making it the perfect freeride board all over across the mountain.

Men’s East

This board is built ready for those riders who are looking to take their freeriding to the next level. The Ripsaw Rocker Camber and ultra low tip ramps allow for a maximum effective edge for freecarving. The high amount of dampening and the stout flex also give you stability in the hardest snow conditions.

Pros of riding with the Men’s East

  1. The exclusive seven contact point side cut radius gives you all of the hold you need on your edge, even on icy days.
  2. The Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile gives you stability on the tips and edges as well as forgiveness of the rocker in the middle.
  3. This is a stable board built to race, but it can also hold up as a perfect freeride board that allows you to take on tree runs and backcountry conditions.

Men’s Hammer

The new 2021-2022 Men’s Hammer board is new and improved with our camber profile. The directional camber makes it a perfect all-mountain or freeride board. The 5mm of taper and set back stance give every rider quick turn ability and ultimate stability through any snow conditions.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Hammer

  1. Our Vario Power Grip Sidecut technology is newly paired with front end rise and float mechanics that make it a great, versatile freeride board.
  2. The mid flex makes it ultra forgiving on turns and variable conditions
  3. Traditional camber profile gives excellent edge hold pressure on icy or hard packed snow and a classic feel.

Best Women’s Freeride Snowboards

Women’s Harpoon

This Women’s Harpoon board is smooth, easily-controllable, and ready to take on any obstacle in all mountain terrain. The mid-flex, Fusion Rocker Camber profile allows you to surf with board confidence to pop your tricks, shred carves, and float effortlessly through deep powder. Pivot, surf, and shred with this powerfully versatile Women’s Harpoon snowboard.

Pros of riding with the Women’s Harpoon

  1. A tapered, volume board that is so easy to control and as versatile as they come, this board is perfect for any skill level or terrain. 
  2. Our unique rubber dampening system eliminates any noise you may feel in choppy conditions and allows you to ride with a smooth, steady confidence.
  3. Capable of taking on any condition with effortless flow. From bowls, trees, groomers or even the park.

Women’s Lady West

Lady West was made for the rider looking to up their skill set. This board’s for a more advanced rider who wants to be able to carve and have maneuverability on their board while being able to explore the entire mountain. With a Fusion Rock Camber, you can take this board with you through any terrain or condition and stay stable at high speeds while having great edge hold.

Pros of riding with the Lady West

  1. Our Recluse Web Carbon layup gives the Lady West a stiffer flex that will allow you to take your riding to the next level with more aggression on every run.
  2. This is a versatile board that allows for smooth riding on any terrain – from the groomed runs to the backcountry.
  3. Lady West is extremely responsive, giving every rider precise control.

What Are Freeride Snowboards For?

Freeride snowboards give you the freedom to ride through virtually any terrain. They are intended for the riders who tend to spend most of their day off groomed runs. They are typically stiffer-flexing and directional to help perform in more steep, challenging, ungroomed terrain or in the backcountry. Because of their stiffer-flex, they become less forgiving in situations you might encounter in the park, which is what separates them apart from a typical park board. They hold up reliably at higher speeds for straight-lining and carving, but still deliver exceptional float in differing snow conditions.

When deciding on a freeride snowboard, it’s helpful to consider the following:

  • Flex: Medium-stiff to stiff for stability, quick response, control and carving
  • Shape: Directional and tapered, with a setback stance to give riders floatation in powder and slush snow conditions.

If you have more questions, you can check out our complete guide on how to choose the proper snowboard size here.