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The Best Freestyle Snowboards of 2022

We’ve put together a list of the best 2021-2022 freestyle snowboards to make the process of choosing a snowboard a little easier for you. Take a look at the boards below so you can make a more informed decision on which board you need for this season!

Best Men’s Freestyle Boards

Men’s ProtoSlinger

The ProtoSlinger is the ultimate freestyle snowboard, just ask professional snowboarder, Sam Klein, a technical freestyle snowboarding legend. This board has our Shock Wave Rocker Camber Profile, along with an asymmetrical edge.

Pros of riding with the Men’s ProtoSlinger

  1. The carbon VXR layout gives insane pop for takeoffs on big jumps
  2. A pressflex core increases pressability, helps lock onto rails and makes this park board fun and manageable at slower speeds
  3. The Shock Wave Rocker Camber profile has extended camber on the nose and tail to provide edge grip and the rocker between the feet allows for maneuverability and edge-to-edge transitions
  4. True twin snowboard for a balanced feel and swing weight for switch or fakie riding and spin tricks

Men’s ProtoUltra

Designed for those who are looking for a board with massive power that won’t buckle under pressure, the ProtoUltra provides an incredible freestyle performance combined with freeride capabilities. The powerful flex, new Shock Wave Rocker Camber profile, and WooBoo Core, make the ProtoUltra one of the best boards to run through the park. Just ask our Olympic snowboarder, Chris Corning.

Pros of riding with the Men’s ProtoUltra

  1. A directional twin board that allows for versatility with a centered flex pattern
  2. Centered stance is perfect for switch riding, spinning, and those who
  1. Stiff enough for takeoffs and landings on big jumps, lightweight enough to fly through the air, and easy to control through the slope-style courses
  2. Light WooBoo Core keeps the entire board lightweight and has the most extensive carbon layup in our entire Proto line giving it tip to tail pop and rigidity
  3. Shock Wave Rocker Camber gives this board longer camber zones on the nose and tail for stronger edge hold
  4. True twin snowboard for a balanced feel and swing weight for switch or fakie riding and spin tricks

Men’s Harpoon

Our Men’s Harpoon snowboard is super nimble and easy to throw around for freestyle riding. Its Fusion Rocker Camber profile and extended transition area will make this one of the most versatile, highest-performing freestyle boards you’ll ever ride.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Harpoon

  1. Fusion Rocker Camber profile with deep cambered areas under the back foot allows for maximum spring out of the tail 
  2. Ability to treat the entire mountain or resort as a freestyle playground
  3. With it’s manageable mix-flex, this dynamic freestyle board also rides great in powder and trees

Best Women’s Freestyle Snowboards

Women’s ProtoSynthesis

The Women’s ProtoSynthesis board will, simply put, help you ride better. Our Shock Wave Rocker Camber profile provides edge grip along with great pop for those who are looking for a great all-mountain/freestyle combo board.

Pros of riding with the Women’s ProtoSynthesis

  1. The Shock Wave Rocker Camber profile allows for great pop through the park along with great carve through runs
  2. Its mid-stiff flexibility adds to its versatility as it’s stiffer than your park-specific freestyle board for all mountain stability but not so stiff that it’s unforgiving
  3. The perfect board for the lady looking to take her park game to the next level, but also makes for a great all mountain cruiser
  4. True twin snowboard for a balanced feel and swing weight for switch or fakie riding and spin tricks

Women’s Harpoon

Similar to the Men’s Harpoon snowboard, our Women’s Harpoon snowboard is a nimble, easily-controllable board that’s perfect for any terrain. The mid-flex and Fusion Rocker Camber profile gives the Women’s Harpoon ultimate control in the park.

Pros of riding with the Women’s Harpoon

  1. The perfect board for riders of all skill levels, beginner to professional, you’re going to feel comfortable in virtually any terrain on the mountain
  2. Our specially designed rubber dampening system keeps the board steady and stable and eliminates any chatter you might feel in harder conditions
  3. Rides beautifully across the entire mountain, from the park to groomers

Never Summer Park Snowboards

The 2021-2022 ski and snowboard season is upon us. The lifts are turning, the snow is groomed, the parks are built and it’s time to hit the slopes for another season of shredding. But, as you prepare your gear for your first trip, you might realize that some of your equipment is in dire need of an upgrade. If you’re a boarder, and your ride needs a facelift, look no further than Never Summer’s full range of men’s and women’s snowboards.

Of course, there are several decisions that go into choosing a new board, and those decisions become even harder with the amount of snowboards available to purchase. The first consideration you need to account for is the type of board you need. If you mostly stick to  jumps, boxes, and rails or view the mountain as your personal snowboard park for side hits, flatground tricks, buttering and jibbing, then you’re in the market for a freestyle snowboard.

Why Never Summer Freestyle Boards?

Out of all of the snowboard brands and companies out there, you might be thinking, why Never Summer? The answer is our patented Rocker Camber profile. Additionally, the quality of our products, our meticulous attention to detail, and the high-end nature of the material we use make the purchase of a Never Summer snowboard an obvious choice. Freestyle riders are notoriously hard on snowboards and a Never Summer snowboard is built very durable to withstand this kind of use.

All Never Summer snowboards are made right here in the U.S. with top-quality materials. Between our entire design and development team, we have decades of experience shredding the slopes ourselves, and we know a good snowboard when we see one. Our promise to every customer is that with every Never Summer purchase, you will receive a top of the market product designed by a snowboarder themselves.