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The Best Powder Snowboards of 2022

Every part of a powder snowboard is designed with deep snow in mind. They are made for those riders who want to cruise their own lines in deep backcountry snow, or ride smoothly down a run covered in fresh powder. Powder board technology includes a larger surface area with more taper from tip to tail to maximize control and speed while gliding through deep snow.

If you want the optimum performance for terrain like  the back bowls at resorts or enjoy finding your own path in the trees, a powder board is just what you’re looking for. The only problem is, how do you choose which one to buy? Even though you’ve narrowed your choices down to a specific type, there are still plenty of options out there to choose from.

Below is a breakdown of all of the powder board options we offer at Never Summer. This comprehensive list will give you the pros of each board so you can weigh your options against each other and choose the right board for you.

Why Shop Never Summer Powder Boards?

With several snowboard brands out there, you may be wondering what sets Never Summer powder boards apart from the rest. The answer is our patented Rocker Camber adds floatation in powder. When the camber areas over the tail are pressured, combined with the center rocker it forces the nose to “pop” up. Also, the quality of our products, our meticulous attention to detail, and the high-end nature of the material we use, make the purchase of a Never Summer snowboard an obvious choice

All of our snowboards are made in the U.S. with the latest and best materials and technology available, so you can be sure you are getting the quality you deserve. As a team of riders ourselves, we know a good board when we see one. Our one and only goal as a company is to provide fellow boarders with the best product possible — a board that will withstand the elements and last for several seasons of shredding to come.

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Three Considerations When Shopping For A New Powder Board

There are several things you want to consider when buying a new powder board, however, the top three are the type of terrain you’ll be riding in, riding style, and the profile of the board. 

Terrain and conditions are  important when choosing a powder snowboard. If you think you’ll be primarily riding in deep powder, or going to a resort or live in an area that receives large amounts of snow and or taking a heli or snowcat snowboarding trip, then you should consider a powder board that is more tapered and set-back in the stance. This will give a longer nose and a broader amount of surface in the tip for float in the deeper conditions. 

Secondly, consider your riding style. Different boards, even powder boards, are designed for different riding styles. If you want a powder board that has a more balanced feel for freestyle tricks in powder (like spinning off a rock, cliff or windlip, landing multiple directions or spinning a 360 on the snow) then a board like our Shaper is a great choice. If you want a snappy, tight turning board for trees or technical terrain, then the Harpoon is a good selection. If you want a very smooth, flowy ride on the deepest of days, the Swift is a great choice. 

The last consideration is the profile. Most beginner boards are made with a symmetrical or twin tip profile, meaning the front tip looks the same as the back and the stance is centered. The flex is always the same on both ends with a true twin as well. They also have the same lower upturn or rise on both the nose and tail. However, a powder board will have an early rise or more upturned nose than tail. This helps to keep you afloat in deep powder or slush. Powder boards are typically a directional profile. These profiles can look different from board to board with different amounts of rocker under different parts of the board.  

Below are the boards that we offer in our 2021-2022 Never Summer line of powder boards. Take a look and decide which board is best for you.

Best Men’s Powder Snowboards

Men’s Harpoon

Our Men’s Harpoon board is the perfect option for those looking for a super agile board to rip through trees, throw around in the air and slashing powder windlips. This nimble, mid-flex board offers a forgiving yet stable ride.  It’s Fusion Rocker Camber profile and Early Rise Nose will make this one of the best, highest-performing powder boards you’ll ever ride.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Harpoon

  1. Fusion profile with deep cambered areas under back foot allows for maximum spring out of the tail
  2. 13 millimeters of taper helps with finishing turns as well as ploughing through deep slow and slushy conditions
  3. This nimble, super manageable powder board can also be used as an all-mountain/freestyle board and is great in steep technical lines and through trees.

Men’s Shaper

The Men’s Shaper board is without a doubt the most versatile board in our line. This board has slight taper, but no set back, which allows for a balanced feel and a top-notch performance for any terrain. Key features like our Fusion Rocker Camber and one-of-a-kind Blower Stance make the Shaper board the ultimate powder board.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Shaper

  1. A directional twin board that allows for versatility with a centered flex pattern
  2. Centered stance is perfect for switch riding, spinning, and those who want a powder board they can take on a few laps through the park
  3. Fusion profile with heavy camber in the back and more rocker up front gives you a good pop as well as a surfy feel for those deeper days

Men’s Swift

Another board that is great in the powder but can also be used in other terrain is our Men’s Swift. It has a shorter, swallow tail and early rise nose that surfs through deep powder perfectly. But the board doesn’t stop there. It’s sidecut, firm flex and extensive rubber damping  makes it perfect for stable, deep, long-radius turns. The aluminum tip and tail protectors and full wrap p-tex protection ensure this board’s durability so it will last you for years of riding to come.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Swift

  1. 20 millimeters of taper, swallow tail, setback, and early rise nose combine to create the best boarding experience in deep snow
  2. Shorter tail makes this board super maneuverable and manageable in tight trees
  3. Fusion profile with heavy camber in the back and more rocker in the front makes the Swift a perfect carving board as well as a powder board

Best Women’s Powder Snowboards

Women’s Harpoon

Similar to the Men’s Harpoon snowboard, our Women’s Harpoon snowboard is a nimble, easily-controllable board that is perfect for any terrain. The mid-flex and fusion profile gives the Women’s Harpoon ultimate control while surfing through the deepest powder, with great spring out of a turn. To all of the she-shredders out there, you cannot go wrong with this board.

Pros of riding with the Women’s Harpoon

  1. The perfect board for riders of all skill levels, beginner to expert, you’re going to feel comfortable in virtually any terrain on the mountain
  2. Our specially designed rubber dampening system keeps the board steady and stable and eliminates any chatter you might feel in harder conditions
  3. Considered a powder board but rides beautifully across the entire mountain, from groomers to the park.