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The Best Splitboards of 2022

Splitboards open up new worlds to snowboarders by enabling them to tour in the backcountry more efficiently. With ski resorts becoming more crowded, parking difficulties, lift ticket and pass prices, splitboarding is quickly becoming more popular. It allows a person to get away from crowds, and enjoy some wilderness solace and pristine lines. Luckily, we at Never Summer were ahead of the trend, having built splitboards since 2000. With this history and experience we have designed a complete lineup of the most advance splitboards for every rider and budget,

Below is an entire guide to the top splitboards we offer. Whether you’re new to splitboarding or a seasoned backcountry enthusiast, you are guaranteed to find the perfect splitboard for you.

Best Men’s 2021-2022 Splitboards

Men’s Proto Splitboard

The ProtoSlinger is the ultimate freestyle snowboard, just ask professional snowboarder, Sam Klein, a technical freestyle snowboarding legend. This board has our Shock Wave Rocker Camber Profile, along with an asymmetrical edge.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Proto Splitboard

  1. Front End Rise and Float Mechanics are innovation included in this board to help it stay afloat in ultra deep powder
  2. The core of the Proto Splitboard is crafted out of Paulownia and Bamboo to create the unique WooBoo Core that reduces touring weight and keeps the board lightweight.
  3. Traditional Camber profile and firm flex for uphill skin traction and downhill stability in a wide range of conditions.

Men’s Icon Splitboard

This new splitboard has a symmetrical shape that will give you a balanced, solid board feel. The Touring Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile gives the Icon splitboard great uphill traction. We’ve also added an early rise nose to help you stay afloat in deep powder descents.

Pros of riding with the Men’s Icon Splitboard

  1. Affordable pricing with high tech features, this is a perfect splitboard for an entry level splitboarder or one wanting a symmetrical shape.
  2. Touring Ripsaw Rocker profile gives it uphill traction, but the center rocker makes it easy to ride and control downhill and through trees
  3. The phantom hercules clips provide a solid connection when the two skis are connected into one iconic board.

Men’s Harpoon Splitboard

The Harpoon Splitboard, just like its solid board brother, was made to cover all types of terrain and riding styles in the backcountry. Light, nimble in the air and on the snow. The Harpoon split is perfect backcountry freestyle, hitting and spinning off windlips and other natural features. This agility is also amazing for surfing through the tightest tree runs.

Pros of riding with a Men’s Harpoon Splitboard

  1. Never Summer Superlight wood core for a light underfoot feel.
  2. Early Rise Nose and 13 mm of taper to add float in low angle deep powder and enable a rider to size down for the maneuverability of a shorter length.
  3. Heavy camber in the backfoot of Fusion Rocker Camber profile gives spring and power  in and out of turns

Men’s Swift Splitboard

This splitboard is designed for maximum float on the deepest of days. The Swift Splitboard provides exceptional turns. Every run will feel like you’re surfing the perfect endless wave. A beautiful directional swallow tail shape with unmatched attention to detail including features like Aluminum Tip and Tail protectors. The Swift Splitboard is a timeless board that will provide a ride like no other.

Pros of riding with a Men’s Swift Splitboard

  1. 20mm of taper, the setback stance, and the swallow tail all combine to make it the best powder splitboard
  2. The Carbon X throughout the midsection and Power Grip Sidecut gives the board massive stability on wind scoured faces, heavy, wet and choppy snow conditions.

Best Women’s Splitboard 2021-2022 Splitboards

Women’s Epik Splitboard

This is the best option for the first time splitboarder or a more seasoned backcountry enthusiast wanting great features at a great price. Women’s Epik Split has a symmetrical shape that makes it feel like you never left your solid, resort board.

Pros of riding with the Women’s Epik Splitboard

  1. Co-Extruded Polymer top-sheet material keeps snow from sticking to it and overall durable protection.
  2. Perfect first-timer splitboard for those looking for a smooth transition from their solid snowboard into a splitboard
  3. The Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile gives it pop and power through turns as well as excellent uphill traction

Women’s Lady West Splitboard

For the riders who want to tackle the entire mountain, this is a backcountry must-have. A replica of our solid Lady West, just split down the middle. The splitboard includes our Fusion Rocker Profile and Carbon Max Laminate construction help give the board stability, while still maintaining that playful surfy feel that makes it so versatile on the descent.

Pros of riding with the Women’s Lady West Splitboard

  1. Set back stance, fusion profile and early rise nose give it a great surfy feel in deep backcountry powder.
  2. The stiffer flex is created for a bit more of an experienced backcountry rider as it’s more of a hard-charging board that is stable at higher speeds.
  3. Full wrap P-Tex protection for incredible durability.

Why Purchase a Never Summer Splitboard?

Just as with all of our other Never Summer products, our splitboards are made right here in the U.S. Never Summer Industries has 22 years of experience making splitboards and each one is hand finished. We are committed to innovation and progression to make the highest performing splitboards on the market. A splitboard is a big purchase and something you have for a longtime, our construction and by using the finest materials provide unmatched durability.