Freeride Snowboards

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Freeride Snowboards 

Freeriders are those people who charge it and go big no matter what the conditions. From massive backcountry lines to deep carves on the hardpack, freeriders continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in snowboarding. 

Never Summer freeride snowboards are designed to perform in the gnarliest conditions the mountains can throw at you. If you enjoy freeriding on resort groomers while also hunting deep POW stashes in the trees, Never Summer has a freeride board for you. 

With the Triple Camber Proto FR snowboard, our engineers revolutionized freeride board design with Never Summer’s patented Triple Camber Profile. By improving on nearly every function of a snowboard, the Triple Camber Proto FR will keep you carving all over the mountain, ripping steep chutes, dropping cliffs, floating deep POW, slashing spring corn, and dominating variable conditions. 

The Never Summer Shaper snowboard is one of the most unique and versatile boards on the hill. The Fusion Rocker Camber profile in the Shaper combines our Original Rocker Camber with our Ripsaw Rocker Camber. This means the Shaper is surfy, has insane float, trench digging edge hold, and huge pop. This board is an all conditions slayer that will help you with your confidence across all terrain. 

The design team at Never Summer put together our collective knowledge of big mountain riding and backcountry touring to create the Proto Split. By combining a super-light WooBoo Core with a stable design, the Proto Split helps you move quickly when skinning, while also holding an edge in critical no-fall zones. The ProtoSplit is more than a snowboard, it’s a highly-effective backcountry tool that will get you deep into the mountains. 

All Never Summer freeride snowboards are handmade in Colorado with the highest quality materials. You can find any Never Summer freeride snowboard for sale online and at retail stores throughout North America.