Lady West SnowboardLady West Snowboard

Lady West Snowboard

by Never Summer


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All Mountain Mellow Taper | Fusion Rocker Camber


Product Details

The Lady West tames all terrain. Decimating groomers, slashing pow, and carving a path to ecstasy, she overcomes anything on the horizon. Slight taper, updated shape and Recluse Carbon Web Layup has her floating better, carving better and maneuvering better… because she is better. Saddle up. Get ready to ride.

*Base designs and colors may vary.


Type: All Mountain, Freeride
Shape: Directional
Camber: Fusion Rocker Camber
Flex: 7
Damp: 5
Width: Regular
Mounting Pattern: 2x4
Sidewall Type: UHMW
Core: Wood
Laminates: Bi-Lite Fiberglass
Topsheet: Co-Extruded Polymer
Base: Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base
Stance Setback: 0.8 inches
Ability Level All

Key Features

Size Waist Edge Sidecut Taper Nose/Tail
144 23.5 109 VARIO 684* 5* 27.9/27.4
147 23.6 112 VARIO 708* 5* 28.0/27.5
149 23.6 114 VARIO 723* 5* 28.1/27.6
151 23.8 116 VARIO 740* 5* 28.4/27.9
153 24.0 117 VARIO 742* 5* 28.7/28.2
156 24.1 122 VARIO 750* 5* 28.9/28.4

in centimeters *multiple radius average *5mm taper

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  1. Jess W. (verified owner)

    This board crushes it. Demoed on a semi-icy day in Colorado and it just crushed it. From groomers to trees, the board was easy to navigate, glided easily and just crushed it. Immediately bought and I took it out for a powder day and it was incredible. 12/10 recommend this board.
    Been boarding for 10+ years, love all terrain but most enjoy blue-blacks and hanging out in the trees.

    • Chris Harris

      ’12/10 recommend this board!?!’ Thx Jess!

  2. meg3095 (verified owner)

    After days and days of deliberation and research, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered this beauty in March. I’m a newbie and technically only on my first season of snowboarding, so I was initially afraid she’d be too aggressive and advanced for me. But after taking her out a couple of times for some spring riding, all I can say is wow. This board has given me so much more confidence it’s crazy. I went from my beginner board that caught edges like it was its job, to this board that is so forgiving I have to actually try to catch an edge. She has dealt with the crazy ice and cruddy spring snow like a champ. I’m so glad chose this board and I’m looking forward to getting her out in some powder next season!

    • Chris Harris

      Welcome Meg! Glad you’re on board.

  3. Mistalyn (verified owner)

    I am very new to snow boarding, and I will be honest, the rocker camber was a little different than riding a classic camber board. It didn’t take long to get used to though, and DANG! this board is absolutely amazing! It is easy to maneuver, and in my humble opinion is perfect for either casual riding or ripping the slopes. It rides like a dream and just floats on the powder. I absolutely love it!

    For reference I’m 5’8″ 117lbs, and I ride the 149 length.

    • Chris Harris

      Dang! This review is amazing! Thx Mistalyn!

  4. Annie (verified owner)

    I went from a Burton LTR beginner board to this. I’ve only been snowboarding for 2 seasons now but my life is changed. Not only does it feel like I advanced overnight but the quality of the board is second to none. If you are browsing for an all mountain (which I spent months) or looking to upgrade this board is the one for you. For reference I got the 153. I am 5’-8” and wear an 8.5 boot.

    • Chris Harris

      ‘my life is changed’ Thx Annie!

  5. Jessica

    I’ve been snowboarding since I was 7… 30 years later I found this board! All I can saw is WOW! I am a hard charger down the mountain! Love the stable feel this has and edge grip! This is my new daily driver! Love it!

    • Chris Harris

      ‘All I can say is WOW!’ Thx Jessica!

  6. Mikkala Vosmera

    I’m LOVING my new board. It seriously feels like I’m floating. Definitely the nicest board I’ve owned. I have been boarding for 15+ years and the only strange thing is for some reason I can’t get off the lift without falling with this new board. Maybe it will just take getting used to! (But embarrassing all the same since I haven’t fallen in years!)

    • Chris Harris

      Feels like I’m floating…thx Mikkala!

  7. Lisa Lucci (verified owner)

    I have been snowboarding for 30 years and this board just changed my 53 year old life! I love how it grips the edges on steep groomers, but it is unbelievable how it has improved my powder tree runs! I was floating on the snow instead of digging in my back leg to stay up. My husband was so jealous he is ordering the Men’s version tonight. Happy Valentines Day!

    • Chris Harris

      Jealous husband! Love it! Thx Lisa!

  8. Sholeh Mirzai

    Love this board! Bought it having never ridden it but it came highly recommended from multiple women. Have ridden it on groomers, through trees and on big powder days and it holds up no matter what. Feeling super confident on this board, keeping me upright when I start to get squirrelly at the end of the day is a major bonus!

    • Chris Harris

      Super confident! Thx Sholeh!

  9. Maggie (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh this snowboard! I love it. Okay, I have been riding the same board for 20 years so anything I got would probably have impressed me, but what a difference this thing makes! I bought it after a great and informative talk with Mary, who steered me right. It’s so fast and responsive and cuts through the crud and floats beautifully in powder. I have been a little too stoked on it and riding a little out of control and it does not catch an edge, saves me from myself every time! Thanks Never Summer and thanks Mary!

    • Chris Harris

      Mary rulz. Thx Maggie!

  10. Laurie B (verified owner)

    Bought this board without trying it first. I remembered seeing it on the demo day and asked about it but never had time to try it out. I ride an infinity 154 (2014)and 156 (2009?)for the past 10 years or so and I have loved them. I ride anywhere from 75- 100 days a season depending. Mostly resort riding but sometimes a cat trip comes along. I love riding powder and have been learning to ride switch. I loved the shape of the lady west. I read some reviews and decided to ask for it as part of my Christmas present. So happy with it. Our snow has been hard packed and I love the quick responsive turning. I was afraid the 158 would be too big but it rides so nice. I was just able to ride in some powder and it floated on top with such ease . I am so glad I took it chance it is really nice and I am always excited to ride it. I never thought I would like a board more than my infinitys but this one really suprised me and has become my daily driver. Thanks never summer looking forward to more powder days to ride this.

    • Chris Harris (verified owner)

      Wish you more of those powder days Laurie! Thx

  11. Jen Jones

    My absolute favorite board!!! I’m super picky when it comes to what is under my feet. I ride hard and need a board that can handle my riding. Let’s face it. . , many women’s snowboards aren’t built for a hard charging female but this board is!! Carves like a dream, floats in powder, handles steep technical lines, and doesn’t feel like a noodle in landings off drops and cliffs. This board is my dream Freeride board! Thankyou NS for making a board that truly rips!

    • Chris Harris

      Thank you Jen for ripping!

  12. Caitt Brown (verified owner)

    I’m obsessed with my new board! I’ve been riding a men’s board for 3 seasons and I’m so happy I treated myself to the Lady West! My riding has improved significantly since I made the change. My husband has trouble keeping up with me some days! 😉 It rides amazing in all conditions. Thank you, Never Summer!

    • Chris Harris

      Great to hear Caitt! The right tool makes the job so much more enjoyable.

  13. JessV

    Everything you say here is exactly true. What a board! I’ve had many powder boards, mens and ladies, and boy is this the best thing i’ve ever ridden. Unfortunately my Aura will have to be demoted as I don’t see me riding anything but this Lady west for a long time! Paired it with some Union Legacy bindings and some Burton Supremes and i was flipping Wildcats day one (and I just finished saying how i’m too old for flips and spins!)
    Thanks for the raddest chick board ever, Never Summer!!!

    • Chris Harris (verified owner)

      Thx Jess. Send footy!

  14. Rachel (verified owner)

    Bought this board without a demo
    (because non entry level women’s demos are impossible to find) and could not be happier! Spoke with someone at Neversummer who rides this board daily before purchasing too. Excellent service, superior board!

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Rachel!

  15. Shawna Mayo

    I’m a picky lady!! Let’s be honest…

    Most women’s boards are rough. They do some things well, but unless you’re buying a $700 pro model, they just don’t hold us for those of us ladies who ride hard and put it away wet!

    This is not that board… The Lady West is a gift from the snow gods in my eyes. From laid out euro carves on ice packed groomers, to chunder laps left over from the gapers, powder at Copper Mtn that was literally chest deep, jumps, cliffs, and more…. I could not be happier! Even though it is directional, I can still rip this switch for a transition from a landing, Cadillac through the worst of the worst, and get deep into my soul carves.

    I usually ride a 146, but this I went up to a 149, and I do not regret it! I also have the 151 Lady West Split which I love just as equally. If you’re an intermediate to advanced rider, looking for a board that not only keeps up, but pushes your riding to the next level, this is it. I haven’t been so stoked on a board in quite some time! Thanks for making such rad gear NS! Stoked

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks Shawna. Glad to have you on Never Summer!

  16. Neni

    This has quickly become my favorite daily driver. A board which does everything very well and lets one enjoy long days on the slopes without making ones legs tired, as it is dampening the afternoon bumps so very well.

    The beauty of this board is that it can do all three: if one wants to charge and carve, it will do. Speed is no issue. Carving is not as with a good old stiff full camber, but sweet enough to lay it down low and enjoy the g-forces. If one is lazy and wants to cruise? It’ll do and is easy on you and your knees. You won’t get bumped around in moguls, you ride them easily as the board is so nimble.

    If one wants to ride pow? It’ll do. Beautifully so! (Mind, I got the 156 at 128lbs). I took it with me on a trip to Japan into bottomless deep pow in trees where it was super easy to ride, as well as into steep lines bootpacking in the Alps, where I mainly ride.

    Can highly recommend this deck to any gal who likes to charge and ride pow all day, but also likes a board which is forgiving and easy on ones knees. It’s a real “have fun all-day” board. Of a quiver of 6 boards I own, this one is out on snow on 90% of the days.

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Neni! We appreciate the great review.