Limited Edition Women's TcT (triple camber twin)Limited Edition Women's TcT (triple camber twin)

Limited Edition Women’s TcT (triple camber twin)

by Never Summer


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  1. jvand054 (verified owner)

    I have been searching for ‘THE’ board for quite some time. I’ve went from a Ride Saturday, to a Never Summer Aura, trying to find that perfect board for my home mountain. We ride in the Mid-West so we do a lot of park riding, but the hill can get pretty eaten up. So, I was having trouble with the super soft park board in all the chowder. It would chatter real bad any time I would get some speed. Once I hopped on the Aura there was an immediate difference in my comfort level riding with speed, but it hindered my freestyle riding a bit because it was not nearly as flexy as I would have liked for buttering.
    I was doing a lot of research to figure out what board out there would really hit both of these key areas for me (1. Soft for buttering; 2. Great edge for poor conditions) and after spending a lot of time chatting with Mary at Never Summer, she told me about this board they were releasing, the TcT!
    I ordered it up and have been able to get in 4 good days on it already even though it’s getting close to the end of the season in the Mid-West and I am LOVING it. The triple camber really allows me to get a good edge hold in any type of snow condition, but the tip and tail are still soft enough that I feel like I can press it into a decent butter. It’s also improved my confidence a ton in my jumps/ollies!
    Loving my new TcT!!

    • Chris Harris

      Glad you’re loving the TcT. It’s a game changer.