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Men’s East Snowboard


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*Extended Ripsaw Rocker Camber*

Reach G-Force speeds and lay down huge carves on perfect groomers to frozen grim reapers. With extended Ripsaw Rocker Camber, ultra low tip ramps, and a specialized base for superior speed, the East is not only built to carve, but competition ready. A stout flex, massive effective edge, and mega damping gives you stability on the hardest snow conditions. We didn’t forget about the East. It just needed time to be perfected.

*Base designs and colors may vary.


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  1. Rory Baccarini

    Never summer did absolutely amazing with this board! The stability at high speeds and the edge hold on this board is insane, you can lay over crazy deep carves while flying down choppy groomers and not feel a thing. At 13 i haven’t ridden as many boards as a 40 year old but being a BX racer, snowboard addict and owning many never summers i can tell you this board is snappy, fast and responsive as hell. i really enjoy this board for pretty much everywhere but obviously this beast is built for carving, racing and ripping groomers however i was plenty surprised with its Pow and trees performance. this board is super stiff and the turn initiation is instant so this chunk is better suited for a intermediate to advanced rider with saying that though this board is a lot more forgiving then you would think. i would say you have a better chance of seeing a cow fly then feeling any chatter out of this board thanks to all the damping tech in this board. BUY THIS BOARD YOU WONT REGRET IT!!

    • Chris Harris

      I’ve never seen a cow fly…Thx Rory!

  2. Brian Woodmansee

    My 6th board from Never Summer and is easily one of my favorites. Feels and responds like my old Raptor and Chairmans do but holds an edge better at very high speed. Steeps and fast groomers are where it really performed best for me. Lower angle trees and powder fields, I prefer my Swift. For the majority of days this board is my go to. The East can take a beating and is just as durable as you would expect from a board still made in America. I ride Big Sky, MT and not many companies can hold up to the beatdown the rocks are capable of and that is the reason the majority of “locals” ride Never Summer.

    • Chris Harris

      Riding the East in the West…Thx Brian!

  3. Scotty G

    I’ve been riding for almost thirty years now and have ridden and raced a wide variety of boards in all kinds of conditions. The East is not only one of the fastest boards I’ve ever strapped into but one of the most enjoyable. The East certainly excels on groomers and east coast boiler plate, as its name implies but its hybrid camber profile makes it quite versatile in everything from Pacific Northwest cement, gnarly Sugarloaf chunder, spring corn at Hood and even a little Brian Head pow. If you’re on the fence about getting the East, just pull the trigger and don’t look back; you will not regret it. Other than my Kessler Alpine 185 PGS, I’ve never ridden a more capable carving machine…besides, it’s fun to ride and a whole lot more forgiving. Cheers

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Scott! Super fun board. Only downside is you’re more likely to get a speeding ticket from the ski patrol.

  4. Josh Clyncke

    An honestly scary board to ride. You will hit speeds and carves that hurt. Takes a while to get used to and learn to ride this board, but the better you get on it, the more it delivers. The base is noticeable faster than any other board. The edges will hold through any kind of snow or ice. An absolute blast on cold groomer days.

    • Chris Harris

      So fast and grippy it’s scary. The better you get the more it delivers…like how I imagine driving a Ferrari would be.
      Thx Josh!