Men’s Heritage SnowboardMen’s Heritage Snowboard

Men’s Heritage Snowboard

by Never Summer


(11 customer reviews)

All Mountain Directional | Original Rocker Camber


Product Details

The Heritage is our longest standing tradition. The Heritage has proven to be one of our greatest all mountain boards ever created. Proudly sporting our Original Rocker Camber profile and an unapologetic nod to Never Summer’s history. The Heritage is back for another year in all of its original glory.

X – Wide version of the original | DF – Widest version | *Base designs and colors may vary.

Key Features

  1. Co-Extruded Polymer Topsheet
  2. Carbon Max Laminate Technology
  3. Original Rocker Camber Profile
  4. Extended Transition Area
  5. Power Grip Sidecut
  6. Low Profile Nose/Tail
  7. STS Pre-tensioned Fiberglass
  8. Bi-Lite Fiberglass
  9. NS SuperLight Wood Core
  10. RDS 1 Damping System
  11. Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers
  12. Sintered P-tex Sidewall
  13. Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base
  14. P-tex Nose/Tail Protection
  15. Full Wrap Metal Edge

Size Chart

Size Waist Edge Sidecut Taper Nose/Tail
155 25.2 121 VARIO 740* No Taper 29.7
158 25.4 124 VARIO 743* No Taper 30.0
160 25.6 125 VARIO 750* No Taper 30.2
159x 26.1 124 VARIO 743* No Taper 30.7
163x 26.8 127 VARIO 770* No Taper 31.5
166x 26.9 132 VARIO 780* No Taper 31.2
164DF 28.5 126 VARIO 789* No Taper 33.2

in centimeters *multiple radius average *no taper

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  1. asantaguida

    This Heritage; (2021 HER 160) is the 4th in my NS collection, The Heritage is a great all around board for the whole mountain. Great on Powder days, in the trees, or fast groomed days. I have nothing against the West, but Heritage is where its at and I am glad to see its back. I love all my NS Boards and wouldn’t ride anything else. I also have the ’08 Heritage Wide 163 and the ’14 Heritage X 163 (wide). My first NS board was a 2003 Wide Carbon 153, (the one with the Polor Bear attacking the Igloo). Keep up the great work NS and Shout out to Chase, thanks for the build

    • Chris Harris

      Thx asantaguida!

  2. KS

    Have a 2013/2014 Heritage now and was curious if much has changed compared to this new one?

    • Chris Harris

      Not many changes overall. If you do want to refresh your Heritage though I’d do it now because it goes away next year.

  3. mrsir21

    I had a NVS heritage 20th Anniversary so I could not resist getting the 30th Anniversary edition. This is my all time favorite board, even when riding in icy conditions you are in complete control of yourself and the board. Glad to see this model is still around and working better than ever. Thank you guys for yet another amazing board. It’s so clean!!!!

    • Chris Harris

      Thx for buying another amazing board Mr Sir!

  4. Steve Estevez

    I absolutely love the Heritage 21’. Just took a trip out to Aspen and it handled beautifully in the powder. Customer service was amazing. Ordered the board online and they expedited the shipment so I could have my snowboard in time for my trip to Aspen. Highly recommend Never Summer equipment. Will definitely buy my next board from Never Summer. Thanks guys…

    • Chris Harris

      Thank you Steve!

  5. Benjamin

    The 30th Anniversary Heritage has taken my skill set & confidence to the next level. The Best All Mountain Board & the graphics get plenty of attention. Always proud to represent my NS Heritage high up in the Rockies!

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Benjamin! Represent!

  6. Dylan hassler

    I have seen this board in many shops but I am looking at the 2020 version I ride all mountain so I am pretty sure it’ll be right for me my only question is how is it’s performance in park use I like to hit rails and the terrain park every now and then just wondering if it’s alright to use at park or if it’s not really made for it

    • Chris Harris

      It’s not twin but it will be fine. Skyler Gallardo rides the Harpoon in the park.

  7. George M

    I had the old Heritage which then got discontinued, and bought the West in 2015. Loved the West for trees, but didn’t feel that stable at speed down the hill. Would you recommend getting the Heritage again – I do trees, powder and speed, no park?

    • Chris Harris

      Of course. Heritage is great. We call it old faithful.

  8. jesus

    im thinking on getting the heritage 2020. i looking to butter and carve for the most part. i read that the 2020 is twin shaped. does this board do ok buttering? if so what size should i get. im 510 190lbs. thank you

    • Chris Harris

      The Heritage is a directional board. You’ll want to look at the ProtoSlinger, ProtoSynthesis, or Peacemaker.

  9. smobagppt

    What a board. The tech is outstanding and so are the graphics. I went from a Lamar camber profile to this original rocker camber setup and the difference is amazing. I still have all the high speed stability and carving capabilities of the full camber profile, but not any of the uncertainty when transitioning edges or going over rough bumps/terrain. This hybrid design allows you to go just about anywhere without worry. It handles the whole mountain flawlessly. Complete control, yet so buttery. There is virtually no jitter over bumps, everything gets absorbed with ease. Able to plow through uneven transitions like they weren’t there. I notice I am working half as hard with this board. It has really boosted my comfort level after riding the (full camber) razor’s edge for over 20 years. Although, I guess the Lamar did teach me well eventually, it was not without a few horrible falls due to edge grab. The heritage is just on another level of riding. Thank you Neversummer for making amazing snowboards and longboards!

    • Chris Harris

      Welome to the family!

  10. Black Belt Snowboarding

    Another solid offering from Never Summer Industries, full review of the Heritage DF is available on YouTube. Shout-out to Mr. Sanders for getting the DF models into the lineup! We are real jazzed to test the Proto Synthesis DF!

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks for the review!

  11. Sean Riley

    I got a chance to get on my first Never Summer recently and the Heritage 164DF was an immediate choice!

    Being a 6’3” rider with size 13 boots for all 32 years of my riding life so far has always had me in the search for 26.5cm+++ waisted boards, this DF with the 28.5cm answered the call without fail.

    Build highlights like the Original Rocker Camber, Power Grip Sidecut, base & top Carbon Max Laminates, NS SuperLight Wood Core, and the RDS 1 Dampening System make for the liveliest, lightest and most versatile board I’ve ridden in years. Being able to lay down trenches on the groomers with my with size 13’s underfoot and see nothing but a thin line from the steel and never booting-out with toe & heel drag; that’s made the Heritage 164DF a winner for me!

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Sean! An educated consumer is always our best customer.