Men’s ProtoSynthesis SnowboardMen’s ProtoSynthesis Snowboard

Men’s ProtoSynthesis Snowboard


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*Shock Wave Rocker Camber*

Introducing the ProtoSynthesis, featuring our new Shockwave Rocker Camber Profile with even longer camber areas for huge pop and stability. More camber than any other snowboard on the market. A smaller Rocker area retains our hallmark quick turn initiation and float. The Proto has always been the benchmark for judging all mountain snowboards.
The benchmark has been boosted.

(X – Wide version of the original)
(DF – Wider version of the X)

*Base designs and colors may vary


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  1. Ramon Carrillo

    Hi, I’m on my 4th Never Summer Board, had the warlock, revolver, Proto asym 2 and now this board… it’s still pretty catch free, which I have always liked, but now a whole lot grippier than before because of the camber, I’m also glad they made it a normal true twin and not asymmetrical, it feels a whole lot better this way.

    I’ve ridden many other boards like the ride warpig, bataleon evil twin to name a few…. I guess I’m a Never Summer kinda guy.

    I’m 230lbs 5”11”, ex 33 year surfer turned snowboarder. ride lots of switch and living in Vancouver, most of the time the snow sucks. I’m riding a 160X, worked well in shitty conditions and floated very well in good snow.

    Hope this review helps

    • Chris Harris

      Glad you’re a Never Summer guy Ramon! Thx

  2. Matt W

    After having spent the last few months on this board, all I can say is WOW. The shockwave camber adds a whole new level to this board, pop wise and carving wise. The width is perfect for the park and pow with the carvablility for anything you want to take it to. This is the perfect board for anybody looking to go anywhere and everywhere on the mountain.

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Matt…WOW!

  3. Ron V (verified owner)

    I’ve never rode a board this sick! My first never summer and it won’t be my last, I’m an all mountain ripper/ park guy and this is the perfect all around board, thanks NS!

    • Chris Harris

      Glad your on board Ron!

  4. Brendan Thorson

    To put it simply… WOW! This board is amazing. This is my second board now. I’m coming from an 08 Rossignol Jdub 154 to a Proto 157x I’m 5’9” 190lbs with a 10.5 boot. I was really worried about getting a new board since I’ve only had one. I strapped into the Proto and instantly knew that it was going to be a fun day. I am a fast aggressive rider and this board felt as stable as could be. More so than my last. I felt more comfortable on this board than I ever have. The turn initiation is effortless, high speeds it stayed planted and was an absolute joy to carve. Had some good pow too and was over joyed with the way it handled it. Never summer thank you for designing this. It is all I could have ever wanted.

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Brendan. So the ProtoSynthesis made you feel instantly at home, was more stable, the turn initiation was effortless, tracked well, was a joy to carve, and floated in pow…just wanted to be clear. Wonder why everyone isn’t riding one?!?

  5. Eric Rolls

    Precise. Poppy. Agile. Fun
    Early season hardpack-no problem. Moguls- Quick and agile. Pow!-Bring it on. I’m so impressed with this board. I tested it last season and found that it rode pretty well, but it did not compare to the joy I was having on my Westbound. This year, I narrowed my stance a little and wow, it’s now my daily driver for all things. I found the sweet spot and it’s performing on machine-made hardpack better than any board in my quiver. We just recieved some Christmas pow and it dominated through the soft fluff and mogully push-piles at the end of the day. I’m 5’9″, 170lbs, 30″ inseam. For this board at 155cm, my preference is a 21.5″ stance width (center to center of binding discs); Duck angles 12, -9. Because I like my front foot more angled than the back, I set my stance back one set of inserts which allows the nose to be a slight bit longer and still rides effortlessly switch. My personal preference is to put my feet on the inside half (toward the center of the board) of each camber zone for boosting pop, and smooth turn entry.
    AASI National Team Coach

    • Chris Harris

      AASI National Team Coach…this is the review you want to pay attention to! Thx Eric.

  6. Joe

    Just got done with my 3rd day on this and if I had to sum it up in one sentence: holy *bleep* thing this is awesome!! This board is absolutely amazing. For reference, I’m in the beginner/intermediate skill range, 5’8″ 190lbs (I hit the gym a lot), riding the 155cm board size 9 boot, med flex boots/bindings. Right from the start I felt super confident and stable on this board. Edge control is great at slow speeds, but it really shines when you are at higher speeds and want to carve a little harder. I use this in PA where half the time there’s ice patches on the runs, and this board dgaf about that. I took this on some fresh pow, and it floats right on top. Ripped down some groomers, it’ll go as fast as you want it to. Popping some ollie’s and butter tricks are super smooth and easy, it’s got TONS of pop. This board is extremely forgiving for little mistakes made that I should’ve gone down on, but it had my back and kept me on my feet. When running over choppy snow, my knees hardly feel it. Haven’t gotten the skills to take it into the park yet, but I’m really looking forward to it! If you’re looking for a board to grow into and will stay with you for a long time, something that can do it all, looks sick, stop looking and just buy this damn thing. NS killed it with this, I absolutely love it 11/10 would highly recommend. Well done Never Summer!

    • Chris Harris

      Holy *bleep* thank you Joe!

  7. Charlie

    PSA to my fellow big dudes: If you don’t have one of these, you’re doing life wrong.
    Size: 162 DF
    As a 6’6” 180lb dude, I am typically cramming myself into a 13 boot (when I should be in a 14) just to try and mitigate heel/toe drag on traditional “wide” boards. At over 28cm of waist width on this beast, booting out is a distant memory of the dark times before NS was producing a Drag Free line. Aside from just being wide enough, this board is also stacked high with tech features making life easier and ultimately more fun. The new shockwave profile has noticeably more camber creating insane edge hold while the dampness is such that speed laps are smooth and buttery regardless of conditions. Getting edge to edge is also effortless which basically goes against science at this width but somehow it works. I cannot recommend this board enough for tall/big dudes out there tired of squeaking by on traditional “wide” boards. This board does it all and the Drag Free fit feels custom tailored. Thank you Never Summer for putting this beauty together. It is seriously so much fun to rip on this thing.

    • Chris Harris

      We made it just for you Charlie! Thanks for the review.

  8. Tyler Elwell

    I got to ride my 2021 157x for the first time yesterday at Wolf Creek. This is hands down the best board I’ve ever been on, and that list is long. I’ve never felt more locked in on day 1 with a board. This board ripped the whole mountain, has a ton of pop, but is still super damp and really forgiving given how gnarly it is. I got tired and lazy toward the end of the day on some turns and this board let me get away with it. This is my first Never Summer and I’m sure they just locked me in as a future customer. If you’re on the fence about this board, grab it, you will not regret it.

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Tyler! Welcome to the family!

  9. Brandon Anderson (verified owner)

    Got to ride this beauty opening day at Keystone last week (11/06/20) and man can I tell you this thing is friggin’ awesome! If you’re looking for something that hits the all mountain genre square on the head I firmly believe this is it. I may have only one day on the mountain with it sofar (11 runs) but can already tell its going to be exactly what I need to get that solid feeling at speed on the groomers, in the powder; as well as the power in the air park we all look for. Thanks again NeverSummer, you guys killed it for sure as always!

    • Chris Harris

      Thank YOU Brandon!

  10. Dustin

    Bought the Proto last year and only had one ride on it at Kirkwood before the shutdown. Rode it with mixed conditions with chopped powder on the wall and groomers below. Slayed the wall, the gullies and the groomers. Most agile board I’ve ever ridden. Typically with agility you get chatter at high-speed‘s, but not with this board. It was as stable as any board I’ve ever ridden when fully opened up at max speed and had incredible edge control. I’ve never ridden anything like it! This was a total game changer and improved my riding out of the gate. Best board ever ridden! Last board was the Lib Tech travis rice pro. Previous to that I’ve ridden the Capita Black Snowboard of Death, Burton Custom and Never Summer Titan.

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks Dustin!

  11. Henrique

    Absolutely fantastic.
    Can’t wait to ride it again after my season was cut short.
    NS are by far the best boards on the market today hands down.

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Henrique!

  12. snowboardin159

    Just waiting for the glue to dry. Last board was a 2005 Never Summer Legacy, best boards are made by these guys.

    • Chris Harris

      Thx snowboardin159!

  13. Jackson Karls (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to ride it yet, but if you’re buying for the looks it’s dope. Subtle enough to look good after being well used or just covered in snow, but also detailed enough to look great normally. Also a big fan of the new rocker/camper design. Looks like it will make the board perfectly flat when riding and make for some solid carving.

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks Jackson! We can’t wait till you ride it…you’re going to love it! Let us know how it goes.