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*Fusion Rocker Camber*

The Swift was the inspiration for, and the Godfather of, the Shaper Series. Originally we set out to make the greatest powder board of all time. We checked that box, but it turns out we actually made a board that was incredible everywhere. The Swift features the greatest amount of taper in the Shaper Series, with awesome everywhere performance…in or out of POW. Take the Swift anywhere you want to go. It’s the powder board you’ll choose to ride in all conditions.

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  1. Chris Mueller (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this board. The control, flow and maneuverability in and out of Powder is unbelievable. What I love most is once the powder is ridden off, the Swift handles like an all mountain board as well as powder board. I read the previous reviews and was a bit skeptical about the ability to ride Pow, hard pack and to ride switch. This board does it all.

    If everyone had this board- the world would be a happier place. I am a big fan!

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks for helping to make the world a happier place Chris!

  2. Mike Page (verified owner)

    This board is amazing. Not the best conditions in Utah this weekend. Even on groomers the board was just easy to ride. Can’t wait for big powder days ahead. Super smooth ride, responsive, great carver. Had multiple people ask me about the board, nothing but positive from me. My new favorite ride.

    • Chris Harris

      The ride it all “powder” board…thx Mike!

  3. Lucky Pete

    Konichiwa biatches from Hakuba Japan. I have been riding the Swift the last few years and love it on pow days, particularly the deeper days. Im not 100% sold on it being killer on the groomers as claimed but it definetly goes OK but with the set back and rocker camber it gets a little loose in the ass at higher speeds, not as much as my Insta Gator though and to a lesser extent my Shaper Twin. Horses for courses though. That being said its been epic for intended purposes and Im about to buy my 3rd one. Its an Epic pow rig that I lovingly refer to the F150 of snowboards due to its truck like durability. My last one has taken a beating and still looks good 🙂

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks Pete!

  4. Dr. C.J. Smith

    I………after 2 or 3 full seasons of crushing it on this board am still blown away of how good of an all around board that can do everything really is. Yes it’s incredible in powder, but it honestly does everything well. I typically do 3 trips a year, and this board can handle anything I throw at it…..deep tree runs, rides switch extremely well and my favorite is hitting some heavy groomed downhills with no one else on the mountain. I’ve seen 60mph on this swift, but My favorite part however is the fact that I feel like I’m surfing on the snow with this board, and being an avid surfer most of my life who now lives pretty far from the ocean, this board always brings me back to that feeling. I highly recommend!

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks Doc! We keep telling people exactly that. Thanks for spreading the word.

  5. Juice

    My Swift is a 4 seasons old now, and I was just thinking about how this is the best board I’ve ever owned. Of course it crushes in pow, but where it really surprised me is on groomers. It holds its edge with the best of them, and even riding switch it’s a blast. I used to split days between this and other boards, but after half a season on the Swift all my other boards have been collecting dust. If you’re in the market for a new board, look no further.

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks Juice! We’ve been telling people exactly that for years! Helps a lot to have other people back it up.

  6. Zach tournoux

    Was in Jackson hole riding with a ski guide buddy, I do not get out on the mountain but 4-8 days a year, we were riding pow waist deep. Amazing! I decided to try a powder board and rented the Swift. I could not believe the unbelievable difference from my Neversummer Ripsaw to the swift. Like I said I only ride 4-8 days and I’m buying the swift awesome ride guys. I went from taking multiple breaks per run to ripping the entire run!

    • Chris Harris

      That Fusion Rocker Camber profile really floats! Wait till you take the Swift on some hard pack…it’ll be just as good!

  7. Josh Clyncke

    I originally got this board for deep days around the resort. After the first few days it was apparent that it rode leagues higher than my old NS all mountain. I haven’t gone back to my old board since, and ride the Swift every day, regardless of conditions. I’ll hit rails and jumps and never loose confidence. Off the groomers it’s unsinkable, and provides the easiest and deepest turns you’ll ever see. Where this board stands out however, is when you lay down and carve. The Fusion profile makes transition from edges effortless and seamless. It holds an edge and digs harder than anything I’ve ever rode. I’ve been on a variety of boards from a variety of manufacturers and have no plans on riding anything different ever. Seriously in love.

    • Chris Harris

      So you’re saying that the Swift is a powder board that you confidently take in the park, is unsinkable in pow…but where it really excels is carving? Are you sure it’s a Powder Board?!?
      Thx Josh!

  8. Carlos Anklan

    Me: 190cm – 95kg
    Board: Never Summer Swift 162cm
    Bindings: Ride Rodeo
    Boots: DC Tucknee – Size 11

    Where: Niseko, Hokkaido – Japan
    When: February 4th to 13th 2020

    I had the opportunity to try the Never Summer Swift in Japan this season. It was my first time riding a powder rocker board on all possible snowy conditions.

    This season Niseko is not being hit with their regular daily amount of snow so that I could try this board on:

    Groomers: with hard-packed snow, soft snow spots, and icy parts.
    Outbounds Runs: open vast powder fields, narrow steep trees, huge traverses, uneven pockets of snow with all types of sizes, dimensions, and icy gullies.

    I was really curious and excited to use this board. I was not confident that it would be easy to handle the rocker profile on groomers with high speeds or keeping my balance on icy terrain.

    On the other hand, I was counting the days to try the board on powder/deep powder.

    The board was amazing on all outbound runs that I did with my friend. If you are familiar with the Niseko area, Gate 1, 2, and 6 were the best places to find fresh snow on almost every single time, with no hike to the lift.

    Gate 3 and 5 are the ones with the most significant open terrains to go, but there is a hike to be made (Gate 3 towards the peak and bottom of Gate 5), so we decide to keep our walks minimal to spend more time snowboarding.

    Riding powder, my previous experience with powder boards was with traditional setback camber, and comparing with the Fusion Rocker Camber from Never Summer, points to Never Summer profile.

    From turning initiation, to get out when you get stuck, the rocker between the bindings helped me a lot. It was easy to keep the nose up, and when I had to do a complete stop on deep powder, it was easy to keep moving after.

    One thing that I was not expecting was how icy the gullies in Niseko became with not so much snow. The bottom of Gates 1 and 2 has a gully run that takes you back to a groomed run, and it was already packed out when I got there.

    So imagine that you have a single icy track, with ups and downs, fast turns to any direction, some traffic from other boarders or skiers, quick accelerations due to the icy conditions, and a rocker board.

    Maybe it was the setback; perhaps it was the short tail, but what I know is that it was easy to keep going on the icy gully doing speed checks, not washing out on the icy parts, and avoiding hit other people that were walking the gully or stopping every now and then (and that happens, people love to stop right in the middle of the single track).

    Overall, I had no problems with stability with this board. I am not such an experienced boarder, but my experience in Niseko was much richer riding the NS Swift than my other powder board.

    • Chris Harris

      We all want to go ride in Japan…thx for the review!