Men’s West Bound SnowboardMen’s West Bound Snowboard

Men’s West Bound Snowboard

by Never Summer


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All Mountain Mellow Taper | Fusion Rocker Camber


Product Details

The West Bound is the best board in town. The greatest profile in snowboarding snuck its way out of the Shaper Series and on to the best. The West Bound features a unique and versatile shape with a pinch of taper, and the Recluse Web Carbon Layup. Float better, carve better, maneuver better, you are better on the West Bound. POP like an exploding hot air balloon. Find your home on the West. Go West Bound my friend.

X – Wide version of the original | DF – Widest version | *Base designs and colors may vary.

Key Features

  1. Co-Extruded Polymer Topsheet
  2. Recluse Web Carbon Layup
  3. Fusion Rocker Camber Profile
  4. Extended Transition Area
  5. Power Grip Sidecut
  6. Early Rise Nose
  7. STS Pre-tensioned Fiberglass
  8. Bi-Lite Fiberglass
  9. NS SuperLight Wood Core
  10. RDS 2 Damping System
  11. Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers
  12. Sintered P-tex Sidewall
  13. Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base
  14. P-tex Nose/Tail Protection
  15. Full Wrap Metal Edge

Men's West Bound Snowboard with fusion rocker camber technology - material profile details

Size Chart

Size Waist Edge Sidecut Taper Nose/Tail
153 25.1 116 VARIO 748* 5* 29.8/29.3
155 25.3 117 VARIO 766* 5* 30.0/29.5
157 25.5 119 VARIO 785* 5* 30.2/29.7
160 25.7 122 VARIO 813* 5* 30.4/29.9
163 25.9 125 VARIO 741* 5* 30.6/30.1
158x 26.4 119 VARIO 786* 5* 31.0/30.5
161x 26.5 122 VARIO 813* 5* 31.2/30.7
165x 26.7 126 VARIO 850* 5* 31.4/30.9
168x 26.9 129 VARIO 885* 5* 31.6/31.1
157DF 28.0 117 VARIO 764* 5* 32.7/32.2
160DF 28.4 119 VARIO 784* 5* 33.1/32.6
166DF 28.5 125 VARIO 802* 5* 33.2/32.7

in centimeters *multiple radius average *5mm taper

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  1. Nein

    Looking for help…I’ve spent my life riding a NS Premier 157, but alas I’m now 42, hover between 185-195lbs, w/a size 11.5 boot. I’m flip flopping mentally between the 158x and 161x. 161x seems to make more sense but I’m nervous to get a board that long (I’m 5’9″, and although they say height doesn’t matter, it does b/c I gotta swing that board length around). I spend my days on groomers, trees and hunting the fresh stuff, but when I get to the base, I like to toss in a butter, or olie for fun. Thoughts on size???

    • Chris Harris

      IMO you’d be fine on a 158x at your weight.

  2. Buddy

    I demoed this board last year and fell in love with it ! I can’t remember what size It was. I’m 5’8 170 pounds and love love love the moguls! Been riding the same sims board for 20 years. It’s time for an upgrade!. Should I go with a 157 or 160?

    • Chris Harris

      If you’re into moguls you probably want to be more nimble so I’d go 157.

  3. jbhmpt

    The West Bound is the ideal all mountain and all conditions slayer! It’s sticks to the groomers and shreds the POW. I love this board and love that it is made in the U.S.A.! The guys at Peaked Sports in Driggs, ID did a great job educating me on Never Summer boards and made this demo purchase as smooth as could be!

    • Chris Harris

      ‘ideal all mountain and all conditions slayer!’ Thx!

  4. Cory Green

    I’ve always wanted a Never Summer and I finally pulled the trigger on this West Bound right at the beginning of this season. Friends, I could not be more stoked to be ripping the pow, tree lines, and rock drops on this deck. The float and response is on point. Thank you NVS for the thought you put into your boards. Happy Shredding!

    • Chris Harris

      Could not be more stoked…thx Cory!

  5. Dan

    Hey, I’m 6′, 160 lb, with a size 11 boot. I currently ride a 163x West, like to charge, and mostly ride powder. Should I go for the 161x or 165x? Thanks!

    • Chris Harris

      At 160lbs a 161x should be great.

  6. malkirzinger

    At first I almost gave up on finding the right Never Summer for me because there wasn’t a women’s board that would comfortably handle my 6’0″, size 1o boot self (tall ladies wanna shred too!!). Thank god I landed here.

    The West Bound is nimble through trees, floaty in powder, and the edges ground me like a 10-minute mediation but won’t catch when I get lazy. It pops, it rips, it knows where I want it to go before I’ve even told it.

    Also, some guy behind me at the lift said the wolf on it was cool (2020 model). Can’t disagree. Guess I’ll stick to dude boards.

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Malkirzinger!

  7. Matt

    Picked this board up from my local shop this year – westbound 168 DF. This board is awesome – just finished 5 days in park city UT powder and have 3-4 days in Tahoe snow as well. Primarily I needed a more nimble board that could float me – 285 lbs 6 foot 3 with a size 12 (burton) boot. After getting a few days of between 4 and 10 inches, and some time in both the trees and on the medium steep runs I can say for sure this board is responsive and also allows a float for me without burying the nose and/or burning out my back leg. Previously the only board that truly floated me was a 180cm Lib Tech skunk ape – (it’s Soooo Long!) so I’m psyched to get back to a board with good carving on the groomers and the responsiveness and float in the powder!

    • Chris Harris

      The board is awesome…Thx Matt!

  8. Chris Harris

    Personally I’d go 160ish. If your foot size is 11 or over I’d step up to the x.

  9. Kolby

    It was hard to retire my Chairman, but decided to go for more flex this year and I’m never turning back! 6ft, 200 lbs, on the 157. Screams down the groomers, pops all over the park, and dominates this fresh Colorado powder. Couldn’t be happier!

    • Chris Harris

      I couldn’t agree more Kolby. Thx

  10. Dan

    This is my 5th NeverSummer board and it doesn’t disappoint! I am 6’7″ 205 with size 13 boots and have always ridden boards on the longer side of the spectrum over my 30 years of riding.. This time I opted for the Westbound 160cm DF and it is all I hoped for. Surprisingly quick edge to edge, carves a great turn when you push on it and forgiving when just cruising. It has been great in the powder (I think the fusion profile has really helped) and the shorter length has not hurt one bit. I really hope Drag Free’s are here to stay! Finally a board I don’t have to ride with compromising angles. Keep up the great work!!!

    • Chris Harris

      Here to stay! Thx Dan.

  11. Chris Harris

    Either would work. If you want to be more nimble go shorter. Better edge hold go longer. Which ever way you go you won’t be disappointed.

  12. TJ

    I bought a Westbound 155, finally the board I was look for. Do you have a recommendation on bindings to buy for an all mountain rider?

    • Chris Harris

      TJ this is personal opinion…but I like Flux and Fix.

  13. Mychal

    Hello, I hoping you can help me dial in the best size for me on the west bound deck. I am 5’8, 165, size 9.5 boot. Intermediate to advanced rider who is looking to use this board for powder days with a mix of cruzing bowls and trees. I have a set of union atlas I will be using. I’m debating between 155 and 157 and hoping to get your recommendation. Thx!

    • Chris Harris

      157. Go for it! thx

  14. Sean

    Love it! 6’5″, 210, size 13 boots. 2019-20 160 DF WestBound.
    I’ve been riding since the late 80’s and this board is in top 2 I have ever owned (the other is the Burton Asym Air). This carves really nice, handles choppy snow with solid stability and floats in the pow. There has been a lack of truly wide boards in the industry for far too long.
    I was worried that this might be a bit slow edge to edge but that isn’t a problem at all – this board is great in the trees. The board is noticeably flexy between the feet which is quite a different from traditionally stiff camber profile boards – but that opens up a lot of ability to fine tune both turn profile and edge hold.
    I’m going to be riding this board a lot with a huge grin on my face : )

    • Chris Harris

      Awesome Sean! Thx

  15. Mychal

    I am trying to determine best size for me, 155 vs 157. I am 5’8, 165lbs, size 9.5 boot. I want to use this board for powder, bowls, and trees. Thx!

    • Chris Harris

      You’re in the right range. If you want a little more maneuverability go smaller. Better float and edge hold go longer.

  16. Andrew Doyle

    I bought the DF 2020 Westbound last season and all I can say is that it COMPLETELY reinvigorated my love for the sport. I feel like it’s actually changed my life. Coming from a pretty diverse snowboarding background growing up…park, trees, steep/deep, and a lot of alpine racing as an adolescent/teen…I love big mountain/all mountain ripping. Ever since I hung up the hard boots, i’ve had an issue throwing it up on rail without hesitation (size 12 boot). I’ve had pretty aggressive angles for a soft set up in the past to try to minimize drag but without fail, I always go hard and drag out the heel when i’m throwing Euro carves trying to dig the deepest trenches possible. NOT ANY MORE! I’ve never been so confident with the stability this thing holds at high speeds, yet it’s really playful and has a ton of pop to maneuver at ease whenever needed. LIFE CHANGING! After 1 year riding this board, I’m loyal to Never Summer for life. Thanks Vince for the tour around the shop and the recommendation!

    • Chris Harris

      Thank you Andrew. Completely reinvigorated your love of the sport…high paise!

  17. C. A.

    Well I gotta give credit to the good ol 157df like the other 90% of the reviews but it’s tubular. The most common question I get from other experienced riders is “yea it prolly turns circles but does it ride like a door in the trees?” yes you can literally carve a full circle on flats. And No this thing rips like any other reg width board in trees absolutely no extra effort rippin this thing around moguls. If Jonny Moseley picked this board up he’d quit skiin and have a blast 😉 The little bit of taper works magic with the setback stance (personally I set them as far back as they go) and powder is a dream on this shredstick, the nose comes right up no problem. The surface area is super nice too and definently contributes to the float if that’s something you think about when buying a board. Put it next to a 157 proto and you might wonder how they’re the same length. the extra surface is where it’s at. I’m local to Colorado so we get just about every type of snow at one point or another and it lives up to the NS standard of caring less what type of snow you put it on. I haven’t done serious backcountry with it as I do not own this board in split but I have taken it on many a sidecountry hits such as Loveland pass (I guess you may consider that backcountry if you don’t have a split board) and of course the thing drew seductive lines in every face even days after snow when the pack is hard and windblown you’ll barely notice on this board and there’s still plenty of edge that will dig for a hold. The board will kill 99.9% of cliffs but one thing to be aware of if you’re not used to directional boards is landing flat. This should be a given but if you come up short on landings the tail is a little bit stiffer when the bindings are set all the way back so you can’t really expect the forgiveness of a twin and go in tail heavy. It gets softer when you move them forward a bit OR you could just quit being a jerry and stop casing 😂 I drop cliffs through land of the giants at abasin no problem went big at crestted butte and telluride and still have no complaints of this exact issue but I have heard complaints from a few guys on the chair with the df. Jerry’s and Gapers these days 😂what can do 🙂 This board is a keeper anyday at any resort you don’t need to check the weather report this board will do it. Even if you’re a little later on in years and you’re just lookin to carver up some groomers this will carve the snot out of any run you can think of. well sorry that was long but hopefully you pulled something useful! Take it easy and enjoy the season!

    • Chris Harris

      Well, you’ve said all there is to say.Thx!

  18. Chris Harris

    It was made for you!

  19. Bobry

    I bought this the second it came out last season, but I have been waiting for this board my whole life. I’m not kidding. In the 90s we got wide boards but the sidecuts were terrible, felt like riding a table. They got a little better in the early 2000s but then it seams like wide boards were just abandoned by the industry. The ones left over were all way longer than anything I’d ever want. Just because I have a size 12 foot doesn’t mean I want to ride a 170 plus boat. I need a board that turns on a dime, crushes through the chop and chunder at high speeds (has a tail), can jib with the best of them, and the 157 West Bound Drag Free is my dream board. Thank you Vince! Thank you Gags! Thank you everyone who has heard me over the decades of dreaming about a board like like this! Its about time! I ride way more days than most and I need a board that can last. This thing rips everything I have ridden on it. It’s honestly mind blowing. If you want to finally carve up that 22 foot super pipe wall on you heels like your friends with small feet… buy it! Want to carve harder than you thought possible with soft boots… buy it! Simply amazing! It rips in everything and takes a beating like no other. My last board previous to this was an Instagator 148 (widest board in the line at the time) which is a revolutionary board in the trees, but more of a specialized shape. Ended up riding that board everywhere for 3 seasons… logs, rails, cliffs, across rocks… you name it. Three 100 plus seasons of beatings and it’s still going! NS are the toughest boards out there! I still love my Instagator… its the best tight tree deep pow surfboard I own, but this Westbound Drag Free is a big foot jibbers high speed ferrari that you can run over anything with! I don’t know how you did it but it feels skinnier (fast edge to edge) than other brands wide boards I’ve tried and the pop is there, trust me I’ve tried (and broken) them all. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! As for any questions about my set up (I hope I can help anyone else looking at this board) is med soft boots size 12 (32 TMTwo) and super soft bindings (Union Contact Pros) I’m 185 6 foot tall. 21 3/4 width 15 degrees ducked. Now I just need a 162 drag free twin 🙂 If for some reason you stop making the drag free series in the future hit me up, I’ll take up a loan to purchase the leftovers so I can still have a board that works for me in 30 years! Also more Sam Turner Polar Bears and Demons!!!!!

    • Chris Harris

      Well Bobry you said all that needs to be said…thx!

  20. sblain

    Bought a Westbound last season. I had been riding another brand from Colorado who used to make a 28cm wide board and was very happy with them. Then they decided to max at a 27 waist and with my size 13 feet that 1cm makes a huge difference to the angles you can set your bindings. So I started to look around at wide boards and bought a westbound.
    I was quite worried about riding a much shorter board, the 160 length providing a much shorter edge contact than I was used to. At 210lbs, 6ft 1 inch I thought I may have to be very careful with how hard I worked the edges on this board. Shouldn’t have worried, I’m a very aggressive carver and the Westbound could handle everything I threw at it. On groomers with moderate to steep slopes I could use body dragging edge angles and the board would drive through the turn with a very smooth entry and exit, carving deep trenches with no chatter. Only when I was on very steep runs and letting the board run at mark eight speeds did I get a little chatter, at those speeds with my weight , a narrow race board with a hard boot setup would have chattered so I wasn’t surprised. The board does handle those speeds well and allows you to maintain control with out bouncing out in a yard sale , you just have to use a tiny bit of caution.
    When you’re in the really steep back country riding where you need tight controlled turns, the board responds very well to torsional flex and will turn on a dime while maintaining edge hold. If you consider it’ll also give you drawn out carved turns using the entire edge radius this turning dexterity is a delight.
    I’ve only managed a couple of waist deep pow days on the board, it floated me beautifully , no nose dive probably because of the slight taper in the board.
    Historically when going to a resort I’d turn up with a 170/27 and a 165/27 to cover the kind of fun and riding I’d be doing. Now I’m quite happy to turn up with the 160 /28.5 DF and know it’ll handle anything I decide to do that day.
    I rarely play in the park anymore so I cannot give any insight into park riding, butters and 180’s etc of your board edges are easy while free riding.
    Sadly I’m getting old now and have been snowboarding since the days when we rammed a ski boot liner into a pair of Sorels and were really stoked about this new ( crap ) binding design that had come from Sims. Can’t tell you how many boards I’ve owned, but I can tell you the Westbound is certainly the most ” all round ” do everything board I’ve ever ridden.

    • Chris Harris

      Great review! Thanks for the extensive insight. Glad to have you on board!

  21. Shawn

    Finally some WIDES from NS!
    This might be what gets me back on one. Rode NS for a good decade or more and left when companies started making 275 and up boards. Excited to get on one of these. Hoping for a extra wide harpoon or swift in the future.

    • Chris Harris

      Welcome back Shawn! We’re psyched to be able to deliver Drag Frees for all of you who need them.

  22. Charlie Harvey

    I was lucky enough to demo the 160cm Drag Free West Bound back in March. I’ve been anxiously waiting for someone to make a versatile board with a 28+ cm waist width for almost 20 years of riding. Kudos to NS for pioneering this one and creating a killer option for us big footed riders. Over the years I have purchased and demoed several other “wide” & ultra wide boards from various companies. None of them stack up to the West Bound. The problem is always the same. The majority of others that have this much width come with excess length as well. The assumption seems to be that if you are tall and have big feet then you are also 250+ lbs. However my size (6’6”, 180 lbs, size 13 boot) doesn’t necessarily warrant a 168+cm length yet I do need the extra width. I have been getting by on 26.4cm wide boards for awhile now but always apprehensive to lean too far into my edges thus creating sloppy carves and frequently booting out. After a few runs on the Drag Free West Bound, any fears of booting out were history and it was time to finally enjoy riding/carving the way I’ve wanted to for decades. This. Board. Leaves. Trenches.

    After my demo, these were the most memorable items:

    1) Zero drag- Obvious but every run I was able to lean harder and harder into my edges with growing confidence.

    2) Shape- I found ample float in powder and yet it was still lively and responsive on hard pack. Even in the park this board was more than capable.

    3) Weight- Despite its larger size and surface area, the Westbound is notably lighter and more agile then previous boards I’ve owned

    4) Versatile- Hard carving is finally achievable for big footed riders (Boot size 12 and up), park riding finally doesn’t feel like balancing an egg on a spoon, and pow laps are buoyant.

    5) Edge to Edge- At first I figured it would be more difficult to get edge to edge or quick turn in the trees. This was not the case at all. I felt stable even at high speeds getting edge to edge quickly and smoothly.

    Overall, this is the long awaited tall mans dream. Drag Free=28.4cm wide grins for days.

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks for the review. Vince, The Chairman, has been pushing for this for years and we finally listened. Glad you dudes with the…uh…large feet finally have a board that performs.