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*Original Rocker Camber Profile*


The Bone is the most versatile, fun, and exciting Original Rocker Camber board since the invention of the Proto CT. The embossed topsheet is as visually stimulating as the ride is physically. The Bone features extended contact points that work in conjunction with the Power Grip Sidecut for trench digging edge hold. The wide nose and tail and ORC Profile work seamlessly to create a level of float you can only get from a powder board. The Press Flex Wood Core brings butter and blast to the legitist of All Mountain Freestyle Twins.


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  1. Matt

    Really thinking of getting this, have been wanting to get a NS for awhile and i think this might be it. When you say the base will be random, what do you mean exactly? Hoping that all bases on this board will be the “glow on the snow” Green, but just different variations? Is this correct

    • Chris Harris

      The Bones are already built and either have a primary green base with black eagle or primary black with green eagle. Great board and will ship immediately.

  2. John (verified owner)

    I’ve been riding since I was 11. Sponsored right out of college by Nitro, Dakine and Airwalk. I then caught up with a guy I use to ride with back in the day and switched to ride the boards he was creating…Capita. I was at a demo day for Never Summer and tried the Proto and by far the best board I’ve ever been on. Bought one that day and have been Never Summer since. I bought the Bone for this season and know it will be amazing. Best boards, best customer service and hey can even tour where your board was made…who could ask for more

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks John. Happy you’re on NS!

  3. Keith

    It’s so awesome NS is bringing back The Bone I bought mine at a NS open house 4 years ago.

    • Chris Harris

      4 Years ago…you got lucky!

  4. Chris Matthews

    I have a 2017 Warlock 157 and love it. Will the Bone be available with a black base and green logo?

    • Chris Harris

      Yes. They’re flips. Base you get will be random.

  5. Owen Brooks Crisp

    It is a beautiful board would y’all have any recommendations for a newer rider I’ve gone once in Breck last spring break and I want to continue riding.

    • Chris Harris

      To be perfectly honest Owen The Bone would be a great first board. It’s a forgiving profile and twin so those are the two things newer riders should look for in a board.

  6. Drew G.

    I absolutely love my OG Warlock Bone. It has been my go-to since I grabbed it after a demo day in 2016. I bring the Bone every time. It handles powder days like a pow board, it butters like a warm muffin, and it is crazy versatile for riding switch, trees, steeps, and the park. I consider this board my “noodle” but even bombing groomers it holds edges and doesn’t chatter like actual park and noodle boards. I’m convinced they use actual voodoo magic for the Warlock/Bone. It’s as if they stole a shred bone right outta Ullr.

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Drew! Back story on the Bone is it was meant to be the second year release of the bone shaped Warlock. Someone apparently spiked the water at NS and prior to release we decided to change the shape and graphic of the Warlock. Several of us lamented this decision and spent years and years trying to figure out how to get this shape, complete with embossed top sheet, back in the line…and here we are. The most versatile, shred any terrain or condition, sickest, most unique, Original Rocker Camber profile board since the Proto CT back with the name it always should have had!

  7. Connor Smith

    If this board is anything like the Warlock it’s going to be an awesome board!! I want one

    • Chris Harris

      It’s exactly like the old Warlock!