Women’s 2022 Harpoon Snowboard

by Never Summer


(5 customer reviews)


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● All Mountain ● Freeride ● Directional
● Fusion Rocker Camber ● Flex: 5 ● Damp: 5

**base designs and colors may vary***


Product Details

Life Changer

Us Weekly once described her as ‘up for anything’. The new Women’s Harpoon is ergonomically crafted with the she shredder in mind. The updated specs allow for customized cruising and carving down the hill…taking your riding from a 10 to an 11. Ergonomics are the key and now there’s a volume board built specifically for you. Get surfy, get floaty, get funky, and be up for anything on the Women’s Harpoon.


Type: All Mountain, Freeride, Freestyle, Powder
Shape: Directional, Volume
Profile: Fusion Rocker Camber
Flex: 5
Damp: 5
Width: Regular
Mounting Pattern: 2x4
Sidewall Type: UHMW
Core: Wood
Laminates: Bi-Lite Fiberglass
Topsheet: Co-Extruded Polymer
Base: Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base
Stance Setback: 2.3 inches
Ability Level: All

Key Features

  1. Co-Extruded Polymer Topsheet
  2. Carbon Max Laminate Technology
  3. Fusion Rocker Camber Profile
  4. Extended Transition Area
  5. Power Grip Sidecut
  6. Early Rise Nose
  7. Bi-Lite Fiberglass
  8. NS SuperLight Wood Core
  9. RDS 2 Damping System
  10. Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers
  11. Sintered P-tex Sidewall
  12. P-tex Nose/Tail Protection
  13. Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base
  14. Full Wrap Metal Edge

Size Chart

Size Waist Edge Sidecut Taper Nose/Tail
144 24.6 106 VARIO 740* 13* 29.2/27.9
148 24.8 110 VARIO 760* 13* 29.7/28.4

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  1. Kelly, cont’d from before (verified owner)

    I gave a first half of the season review without powder days, so now I can come back and give my review after the second half of the season, which was nearly all powder days! I’m sure it will not surprise anyone to hear that the Harpoon is indeed as floaty, surfy, and playful as people say it is in deep powder. All claims verified! The “turn on a dime” quality really comes out in the powder. This is what I’d call my first mind-reading board.

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks for the commitment to spreading the news Kelly!

  2. Laurie Asperas


    After a really long time and alllotttt of boards, I finally found Never Summer through a demo n VT.

    I tried the aura and loved it. Unfortunately when I went to get one they were out of production but saw the Swift
    and was like… Woah! At the time I was out in Colorado so lots of really good powder days, on the swift, which I expected…but to my joy of joys the Swift rode all terrain. I was loving the camber profile, which made riding snappy and tireless. The swift also has a great surfy ride, which as a surfer is appreciated. One thing it wasn’t great at for me was landing (probably my stance on that shape) so I grabbed a shaper twin.. that handled the speed and flying over small ledges no problem. Also really amazing on VT ice pack. Glides over the sheets with speed and control and lets you continue turning when snow comes back and covers the icy patches.

    Now Saving the absolute best for last is the the blessed Harpoon!

    I was fortunate to get the hummingbird, colombine graphics (the most beautiful board I have in my active quiver!!! ) and the lady ROCKS! I have to say it’s the most versatile ride in my quiver. It does absolutely everything. Ive taken it in the steep and deep powder of Snowbird Utah and scary icy Cannon NH. And I get so many compliments on the graphics … even from skiers !

    Today Im pretty content with my sweet suit. Swift, Shaper Twin and Harpon.

    I will probably transform the swift into a split board so I can hike up the hills in VT this year, they close early and leave lots of corn to harvest.

    So thank you Never Summer fro your glorious shapes! Im going to be 60 this year and riding better than ever thanks to you all.

    Best wishes
    Laurie Asperas valayer

    PS: One thing – names and graphics… please find some ladies to advise for those things.. While Ill chose the ride over the graphic and name its nice to have a board that looks pretty.

    • Chris Harris

      Thanks for the great review Laurie!

  3. Kelly (verified owner)

    The profile of this board makes it fascinating to ride. It pivots on a dime if you tip it from its rockered center, and it puts down deep carves if you turn from the camber under your feet. I love how the turn initiated from the front foot is so different from the turn initiated with the back, and the way you can play with the balance between them to make really interesting turn shapes. It locks in and holds beautifully. It’s also really flexy and buttery and playful–you can throw it around pretty easily even though it functions like a stable beast. I love this board so much already, and I haven’t even had a pow day yet to let it shine in all its glory! I can’t wait to get it in the trees and on steeper terrain once the snow falls here in upstate New York. Pow report to follow . . .

    • Chris Harris

      Thx Kelly…wait till you get it in the deep stuff!

  4. Seneca (verified owner)

    Amazing board. Cuts in like butter and is very responsive. I’ve taken my board on powder days and icy snow packed days and it works like a champ. Great universal board!

    • Chris Harris (verified owner)

      Thx Seneca!

  5. Mayohmy

    It’s a glove. What do I mean?!? Imagine a one size fits all glove. Rare right?!? Now this board. This board is a dream. Floaty as ever in pow. Rips euro carves in its sleep. Shreds steeps like they’re greens! Yes it can go in the park. Yes it will look better than your significant other. Don’t be surprised when someone comments how sweet your board is. I mean you’re pretty rad yourself! Take your riding to the next level with a directional, hard charging, yet floaty and playful deck. Don’t say I told you so

    • Chris Harris (verified owner)

      Thx May!