The Never Summer Team

Casey Lucas

Ambassadors - South Lake Tahoe, CA

What is your Hometown/ Home Mountain?

South Lake Tahoe, CA and my home mountain is Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

What is your favorite Never Summer profile?

I can’t just choose one! The Ripsaw RC is an even better version of my dream profile created years ago by Never Summer, the Original Rocker Camber Profile. The stability experienced on high speed lines and G-Force turns with this proifle is unmatched. I can rely on my board to stomp big drops, by playful, precise, and stable in any terrain, to put it simply, If I am ever frustrated with my riding performance my board is never the issue! The Fusion RC of the Maveris has opened my riding to another dimension! If shredding pow wasn’t already fun enough, the Maverix takes my experience to another level. The responsiveness is amazing and the board is light as a feather, and yes, I have been made fun of for lapping the moguls because the board maneuvers like a dream! Thank you Never Summer, you guys just keep getting more amazing!

What snowboard do you ride and what is your overall setup?

155 Aura, 154 Aura Split and the 153 Maverix.

What is your favorite place to ride?

Again I can’t pick one, but my top favorite places to shred is the Sierra backcountry, Austrian Alps and Revelstoke BC because they all have inspired me and have shaped me as a rider. After decades of riding in the Sierra, I am still challenged and keep finding new lines to conquer. Austria and Revy have humbling massive mountains, great snow, and that classic snow culture we all know and love.