man performing freestyle skiing trick with Never Summer snowboard

The Never Summer Team

CHRIS CORNING - the Never Summer team

Chris Corning

Snowboard Team - Breckenridge, CO

What is your Hometown/ Home Mountain?

Silverthorne, Colorado and Breckenridge

What is your favorite Never Summer profile?


What snowboard do you ride and what is your overall setup?

Shaper Twin. I love this board, it has everything you need, stiff yet you can do whatever you want with it. It turns like a dream, and the profile gives it the float in powder like no other snowboard. The Rocker Camber works great in hard pack, powder, slush and any other snow type out there. I ride the Shaper Twin and Flux FX Bindings. This gives me a stiff snowboard with very stiff set of bindings which is a great combination