man performing freestyle skiing trick with Never Summer snowboard

The Never Summer Team

JASON HINDMAN - the Never Summer team

Jason Hindman

Ambassadors - Atlanta, GA

What is your Hometown/ Home Mountain?

Well I just moved to Atalanta, Georgia, so my home mountain is wherever the homies are holding it down and the conditions are prime!

What is your favorite Never Summer profile?

Ripsaw Profile. The extra camber underfoot gives my old ass the extra inches I need on my pop. I also gotta shoutout Fusion Rocker Camber Profile, it floats like a dream!

What snowboard do you ride and what is your overall setup?

I have been riding the 154X Funslinger and the 157 Swift. The extra width on both is super nice for diggin trenches without toe or heel drag. The Funslinger is the perfect freestyle board. The Swift obviously destroys pow but it carves amazing and adds a new element of entertainment in the park. I am constantly messing with my stance width and angles, currently I’m at 22.5″ -6 and 9 degrees

What is your favorite place to ride?

Well now that I don’t really have a home mountain, I gotta give it up for Mammoth! Long season, tons of terrain, perfect parks, sick events. The best for sure!