man performing freestyle skiing trick with Never Summer snowboard

The Never Summer Team

MIKE HOOD - the Never Summer team

Mike Hood

Ambassadors - Avon, Co

What is your Hometown/ Home Mountain?

Avon, CO and Beaver Creek.

What is your favorite Never Summer profile?

Fusion Rocker Camber Profile. The profile still holds the power in turns like the Ripsaw Profile and is incredibly fun to carve on. What transforms this profile is that the Original Rocker Camber is pushed towards the front foot and extended through the nose allowing it to float effortlessly in pow.

What snowboard do you ride and what is your overall setup?

Big Gun 169 cm.

What is your favorite place to ride?

Chugach NF, Alaska. Every year the snow changes this place making what we thought was enrideable possible or straightforward aspects full of features and a ton of fun. After spending almost every spring for the last eight years up North, I live for the adventure of looking around corners I have never peeked around.