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The Never Summer Team

Nixon Johnson

Groms - Dresser, WI

What is your Hometown / Home Mountain?

I was raised by the Rope Trolls of Dresser, WI. TROLLHAUGEN!

What is your favorite place to ride?

This is a hard question. Woodward @ Copper this off season was some of he best times I have had riding my snowboard, but the tow rope at Trollhaugen and the infinite amount of lapping with my homies is my

What is your favorite Never Summer snowboard?

The freshest Yutes, 12 inch gap heel side,  9 – 9. I enjoy riding all park features but my IG handle isn’t NixonJibfest for nothing. 🙂

What activities do you participate in when you aren't snowboarding?

When I am not snowboarding I enjoy surfing behind our boat, skateboarding at the local park, and a lot of trampoline flipping.

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