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The Never Summer Team

Tommi Ollikainen

Team - Tampere, Finland

What is your Hometown / Home Mountain?

I live Tampere, in Southern Finland. I ride more in the streets than any
resort to be honest. There are no mountains around here, but I sometimes
go to the local hills Sappee or Mustavuori for park laps.

What is your favorite place to ride?

The streets! You get to choose what you ride and how you want it set up,
so everything is always how you want it haha. I enjoy battling a hard
trick with the crew, and it’s really rewarding when you finally get it –
and if not, it’s still fun and makes you appreciate the makes even more.

I also like riding back country in the middle of nowhere. Northern
Norway is so beautiful for that. It’s awesome to get out there with a
crew of friends and hike up for hours and take snack breaks and chill
and hike more. And then you finally make it to the peak and get to ride
the sickest lines down in the end.

And slushy spring laps in the park are awesome too!

What is your favorite Never Summer profile?

Fusion rocker camber. It is so fun to lay fat turns with it and go super

What Never Summer snowboard do you ride?

The ProtoSlinger is my go to board in the streets. It goes well with my
riding style and it works great on rails as well.

When I ride pow, I go with the Swift – I have a regular one and a Swift Split. It’s
super floaty and surfy and turning with it feels so nice.

When I’m on the hill, the Harpoon is the most fun all around board. It feels
great turning, and it is wider so you can go extra deep on the edges without
fearing to lose the edge when your boot touches the snow. And it’s
great on rails, too!

What activities do you participate in when you aren't snowboarding?

I stay creative and stay out of trouble haha. I skate a lot, I play and
listen to music, draw, read, and write. I go to the sauna almost everyday
(we have one in our apartment) and ice swim, do a bit of yoga, and go for
runs. I also film skateboarding and snowboarding. I do a bit of fishing in the
summer. I like to hang out with my friends and maybe drink some tasty beer while I
am at it.

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