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Picture of Antivibe


Vibers beware! Ain't no vibes here. Chill out, rip it up, you do you on the Antivibe. The perfect combination of the Woody and the Big Wood...(Medium Woody?) (Perfect Woody?)...the Antivibe is the do everything amazing wakesurf. With the antivibe you'll capture the motion of the ocean. You don't have to be fat to be buoyant. SExy floats and there's no vibe in that. Because snow melts.
Picture of Big Woody

Big Woody

Big ass carves into giant bottom turns. Even if we didn't know it that's what we were all looking for when we started wakesurfing. The Big Woody takes that feeling to another level. Featuring a wide platform and directional shape, the Big Woody starts by making waves easily catchable. Responsive and easily maneuverable our micro channels and slight tail concave make the BW super stable, responsive, and fast. Built stronger, rides smoother. Be better. Snow melts!
Picture of Finrich


Yes, the Huckleberry really does ride for Never Summer and this is the board designed with his input to his exacting standards. Jimmy LaRiche knows wakeboards. He also knows wakeboarders. Turns out what Jimmy needs in a board is pretty universal, and awesome, for every rider. With a snowboard feel on edge, consistent pop off the wake, and the forgiveness needed to perfect your next big trick Jimmy knows what you should be riding. Beginners to mega pros should all do what Jimmy says...ride Rich! Because snow melts.
Picture of Mind Bender

Mind Bender

Designed after our legendary snowboard flex patterns and combined with a unique 7-stage rocker, the Mind Bender locks in on any rail or box while providing insane pop. Micro channels hold a solid edge and keep the board tracking like it had fins. Because snow melts!
Picture of Rooster


Stiff, fast, and tons of pop while keeping soft on the landings. The 7-stage rocker will have you soaring high and hitting every wake perfectly. Micro channels keep the board tracking straight while keeping the drag down. Because snow melts!
Picture of Woody


Playful as a skim and stable as a surf. The Woody is fast and nimble and features a slight concave in the tail blended with our micro channels. This makes for sick acceleration and snappy carves off the lip. Looks different, built better, rides the best. This is the one everyone will be talking about. Be better. Snow melts!