Women's Snowboards

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Women’s Snowboards

Choosing the perfect women’s snowboard to match your riding style, skill level, and size profile can help tremendously in progressing your riding, and will enhance your experience all over the hill. With so many options to choose from, it is important you have all the information you need to make the right selections! We are here to help guide you through the line and answer any questions you might have. No matter if you’re just getting on the slopes for the first time and need an easy board to learn on and progress your skills, an intermediate rider who needs a versatile board to take anywhere on the mountain, or an advanced-level rider who needs a board to perform in even the toughest conditions, there is a snowboard for you in the Never Summer line.

Our women’s all-mountain snowboards provide a versatile ride on any terrain, in any condition. They are perfect for anything from easy turns on groomers, exploring through the trees, and superb float in powder, and are great for any ability level, from beginner to expert. Our women’s freestyle boards, such as the Women’s ProtoSynthesis, are built for a progressive freestyle riding style both in and out of the park. Typically they are true-twin, providing a perfectly balanced ride, for spins and riding switch, to take your freestyle riding all over the mountain to the next level. A freeride option such as the Lady West will provide a stable ride at speeds and ultimate performance on the bigger mountain. The Shaper Series boards, such as the Women’s Harpoon, excel in all of these fields, with a surf inspired feel. The women’s specific Epik and Lady West Splitboards are ideal for ditching the resort and finding your own lines in the backcountry.

If you’re new to snowboarding, or are still unsure or have questions of which snowboard is right for you, you can check out our comprehensive post of how to choose the right snowboard for your weight, height, boot size, and riding style.

Never Summer snowboards are hand-crafted right here in Denver, USA, and are built with only the best materials, craftsmanship, and cutting edge technology, providing the best, and most durable snowboards for any terrain. Our boards are grouped by shape and style categories supporting specific riding styles and goals in order to provide a better understanding of a particular model’s range of performance, and to help narrow down the choices for any riding preference.