Snowboard FAQs

Where do I find my serial number?

Each Never Summer snowboard has a unique serial number printed in the topsheet. The serial number depicts which model, size, year, and board number of each snowboard crafted. You can find the serial number on the topsheet, between the bindings, near the edge of the board, on the left hand side. This number is important in keeping track of your new snowboard. Make sure to register your snowboard by the serial number to ensure the three year warranty that comes with the board.

How do I register my board for warranty?

On our website, at the top there are menus. Hover over “company.” Select “warranty” in the drop down menu. Scroll down a bit, and click on the red box that reads “register my board.”



What width of board do I need for my boot size?

Any boot size 10 or under, we recommend our regular width boards. This will give you pressure over the edges but still enable quick edge to edge response. Size 10.5 to 12 we recommend our “X” or mid-wide models, these will minimize toe and heel overhang, while still providing an agile response. For a size 12 or above boot our “DF” or Drag Free boards are optimal. This DF waist width allows a rider with a larger foot size to experience deep carving by reducing the risk of their boots hitting the snow.

Is my new snowboard waxed?

Yes, it is factory waxed using One Ball universale wax. We use a roll hot waxing machine which lays a thin coat on the base and then is scotch brite buffed for a polished finish. The roll on wax doesn’t penetrate the pores of the P-Tex as much as an iron on hot wax but is good for a few days. We recommend that you get your board hot waxed after 2 days riding or if you’re going on a trip.

When was Never Summer Snowboards started?

Never Summer was started in 1991 by brothers Tim and Tracey Canaday.The brothers started building and designing snowboards with their first company, Swift Snowboards, in 1983.

Where are Never Summer Snowboards built?

ALL Never Summer Snowboards are built by hand at our only factory in Denver, CO.

Does Never Summer offer tours of the facility?

Yes, we offer free tours M-F 9am-3pm. To schedule a free tour, email

Do you offer a warranty on your snowboards?

We offer an industry leading 3 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

How many employees work for Never Summer?

We have about 70 people who work on the factory floor making boards, and about 20 office employees and sales reps across the country.

Can I work for Never Summer?

If you are over the age of 18 and looking for a full time job opportunity we are always accepting applications for eager and hardworking individuals to join our team. You can find out more information by emailing

I found an old Never Summer at a garage sale, do you think it’s still rideable and can you tell me what it is?

Send us a couple pictures and I bet we can tell you the model and year it was produced!

Do you guys have discounted models available from previous seasons?

We are a built to order company which means we rarely have excess models from prior years. What we have available from previous years at a discount is listed here…See sale boards on last pages

What is covered under warranty?

Any defect due to manufacturing, workmanship or material error is covered by warranty. The board will need to be inspected by our engineers and if determined defective, it will be either repaired at no charge or replaced at our discretion. For a list of any warranty limitations please see our warranty page on our site.

Does NS offer tuning/repairs?

Yes, having our own factory enables us to do minor or major repairs. We can go beyond what a typical ski or snowboard shop can do and complete the repairs at a fair price. Our technician is one of the best in the world with over 20+ years of experience. We also offer full service tuning, just another benefit of purchasing a Never Summer Snowboard.